Airline and Accommodation sector differences in Vanuatu


Ted Drew, head of sales and marketing for Air Vanuatu told e-TravelBlackboard last week at Tok Tok 2009 that unless more beds were provided in Vanuatu, then the viability of flights from Australia could be affected.

With Air Vanuatu only owning one 737-800, arguably the hardest working aircraft in the region, Ted said that increasing capacity was also affected by lack of accommodation supply.

At the same time, accommodation operators, in particular those on the island of Tanna, to the south of the main island of Efate, said that Air Vanuatu had let them down by selling the aircraft that normally operated that route, but its replacement, a new ATR, was not being delivered until October, creating serious current load and seat constraints on the route between Port Vila and Tanna.

Te also highlighted that Pacific Blue coming on line last year had provided more capacity than seats and his airline had reacted by chopping one service a week out of Brisbane, adding the hotels are full, the country is enjoying double digit growth, but quite simply there are not enough beds and too many airline seats..

Source = e-Travel Blackboard: J.A.J
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