Virgin Blue DJ555 Sydney to Perth


Flight Review
Virgin Blue DJ555 Sydney to Perth
Economy Class

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A perfect day for flying saw blue skies ahead on the way to Sydney Airport.  Check-in was quick and efficient and there was no one at all waiting to go through security, so all the pre-flight preliminaries went well.  Boarding began on schedule and soon we were off into the blue.  Due to strong headwinds, the flight took a scenic route down the coast and over the Snowy Mountains and Melbourne before crossing the continent.  Fine with me; the coast of New South Wales as seen from above is a beautiful sight, traded barely minutes later for equally impressive snowcapped peaks.

As is customary on Virgin Blue flights, the traditional safety and information announcements were often delivered with humorous flair from the cabin crew; the request for handbags and manbags to be properly stowed for takeoff had a man or two checking that his sack of valuables was in the right place.  Almost every seat on the plane was taken, so the crew stayed busy working the room like true professionals, keeping everyone happy.  One flight attendant was noticeably attentive in his work; his name was Stephen.  He welcomed us on board with the sincere hospitality that has been a hallmark of Virgin Blue’s service since its inception.  Throughout the flight, he was always ready to assist passengers, offering what they needed without their having to ask for it.  For example, he momentarily left the service cart toward the front of the plane in the charge of another attendant to come down the aisle to ask a man standing in front of the lavatory if the cart was blocking his way to the seat (it was).  Stephen escorted the main to his seat immediately—a seemingly simple act, yet one that left a mark since oftentimes the passenger caught behind slow-moving traffic on a one-lane road is left waiting.  I was happy to see this not be the case on Virgin Blue.

The flight was enjoyable in every way and we arrived in Perth without ado.  As on boarding, the front and rear exits were both used for exiting the 737-700 on arrival to speed up the process.  Bags were delivered to the carousel without delay and it was off to the Sheraton Perth, location for the evening’s Sheraton Perth WA Wine Awards banquet. 
Source = e-Travel Blackboard: R.L.B
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