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TravelManagers’ have taken efficiency to the next level with the implementation of new automated ticketing technology.

Bill Lee, TravelManagers’ National Air Product manager says one of the great advantages of having a TravelManagers fares database combined with Consolidated Travel‘s Quikticket functionality is that it provides their personal travel managers 24/7 control over a huge range of air product.

“The new automated ticketing technology will find the cheapest, most appropriate fare – all fares net remit and/or published GDS are now searchable which is paramount for providing top quality service particularly for large corporate clients.”

Mr. Lee says there are several other advantages particularly around ease of use and speed and control over their client’s air travel documents 24/7.

 “Not only will it find the cheapest, most appropriate airfare, it provides all the information in the one central system 24/7.  The system is very straight forward and simple to use which equates to a fast turnaround in booking and ticketing flights for clients.”

Carly Kay a TravelManagers’ personal travel manager based in Western Australia underwent 25 minutes of online training before using the new technology for the first time.

 “It was easy peasy! I have used a competitors ticketing system in the past but this is much simpler, it was so straight forward, it took less than two minutes.”

Mr. Lee says booking compassionate travel airfares for clients over a weekend is no longer a problem.

“If necessary a client could ring their personal travel manager whilst on their way to the airport and be assured a ticket will be available for them when they get there. Now that is service.”

Mr. Lee describes the technology as a simple click and tick process which is extremely streamlined and easy to follow.

“I can’t stress how simple it is to use. Our business is all about personalised on demand service so being able to issue a nett fare on a Sunday night for somebody who needs to travel urgently on the following day reinforces our personal travel manager’s value to their client. Time is money and using this technology is a two minute process plus it is so simple that even an inexperienced consultant can follow the steps and issue a ticket very efficiently and still have access to our in-house ticketing unit, if this is their preferred option. On top of this, Quikticket guarantees no ADM’s and  TravelManagers ticketing fee structure is 100 percent transparent so TravelManagers investing in this technology has ensured our personal travel managers are definitely onto a winner here.”

Teresa Malecki a personal travel manager from Penrith in the Lower Blue Mountains says it just keeps getting better.

“I think TravelManagers are awesome. The investment they have made in more great technology for us is brilliant. This new ticketing system not only saves me time which equates to money more importantly it ensures I can offer a solid 24 hour service to my clients.  It’s fantastic being partnered with a company that sees the importance of investing in our future.”

Mr. Lee says the new technology protects against ticketing errors and the possibility of resultant agency debit memos. He believes combined with TravelManagers fares database it is the leading automated ticketing technology in the Australian market place at the moment.

“There are other providers of automated ticketing technology in the Australian market place but what makes the TravelManagers solution better, is its modern and superior technology platform, it is much simpler to learn and master and it issues tickets within Amadeus – what more could you want?”

Michelle Michael-Pecora a personal travel manager from Castle Hill in NSW says her clients think it is fantastic.

“It is so great having this technology and to be able to service my clients with ticketing 24/7. They think it is brilliant when I assure them I can arrange it straight away even though it is outside what they consider normal business hours. It is so easy to use and seamless. TravelManagers are always looking for ways to be on top with technology and give us an advantage. They have certainly done it again with this technology, why would you want to sit in a shop?”

TravelManagers says to check out why TravelManagers is the smarter choice for home-based travel professionals go to:   www.join.travelmanagers.com.au  

For a confidential discussion regarding becoming a personal travel manager contact Aaron Stinson, recruitment manager, at: aarons@travelmanagers.com.au

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