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AAT Kings and Tourism West Australia hosted 18 travel agents from all across Australia on a famil in West Australia from 6-11 May, 2009.

The tour began in Perth and the group made their way down to the beautiful Freemantle. The group was able to enjoy an afternoon of leisure and then all came together for the first group dinner. The tour followed with a trip to Margaret River for two nights stopping at Mammoth Caves and Busselton enjoying many of the local delicacies including wine, cheese and the local chocolate factory. The group also visited Cape Leeuwin, and travelled on to Perth for two nights where they enjoyed the city sights tour around Perth and an afternoon at Kings Park, a full day of wine tours around the Swan Valley and sailed back to Perth on the Swan River Cruise. The group had a fantastic time!

Back Row:
Tom Bartusz, Kylie Dawson, Kayla Packett, Katherine Blanch, Tracey Bowden, Barry O’Sullivan, Kylie Pieper, Miranda Sawyer, Carol Sartori, Olwyn Sheppard, Joanne Bell, Claire Foley, Corynne Hughes, Bethany Gibson, Ruth Thompson, Katherine Mcmahon.
Front Row:
Peta Pearson, Zara Lange, Caroline Adams, Andrea Cannamela, Jessica Lewis, Melissa Martin, Ryan Montgomery.

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