SAMBA CITY, the latest tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro

Samba City is the latest tourist attraction in Rio de Janeiro occupying an area of 114.000 sq. meters, built in the port district by the City Hall, at Rua Rivadávia Corrêa 60, Gamboa, a district neighboring downtown.

Samba City is open for visitors, Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays from noon to 8pm, with performances, drummers, sewing and sculpture and brief shows at 2, 4 and 6pm. On Thursdays, from noon to 6pm there are workshops at 4 and 6pm and a great show with 100 components starting at 8pm, with a parade in the end with the visitors participation, as well as a firework display.

There is a reason for this choice of location for the thematic city, since it is here, considered to be “Sacred Ground”, that the Carioca samba was born.

The triangle, which includes the districts of Saúde, Santo Cristo and Gamboa has a great concentration of the City´s popular culture, notably the personalities and entities, linked to the Carioca Carnaval.

The design of Samba City forms a geometrical figure, with factories surrounding the main square. They seem like parts of a group, linking hands, forming a large circle. It is as if the world of the samba were embracing its ancestors, who were around here during the 17th and 18th centuries, bringing the art of African dance and music, to be incorporated today to Brazilian cultural traditions.

The thematic city will transform Samba School activities into a permanent practice. More than a tourist attraction, Samba City has become a production center of genuine Brazilian art.

The Factories of Samba:
  • Gates measuring 10m wide by 7.5m high allow the passage of the allegoric floats fully assembled.
  • Three stories of 600m² are employed as creation and administrative sectors, shops, storerooms, kitchens, cafeterias and restrooms.
  • Sewing ateliers, hat fashioning room, adornment room and the workshops for polystyrene and fiber glass modeling are located on the highest floor of 2.700m²
  • A cargo elevator services all four stories.
  • The 12m high ceiling (void) assures that the allegories can be assembled in their real size.
  • From an outside sidewalk, the visitor will go through all factories, watching the allegories construction from an 8m high balcony.
  • Permanent cultural Activities.
  •  There are varied activities at the Samba City.

For further information, please check the following web site:  or by phone: (55 21) 2213-2503 or (55 21) 2213-2546. 

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