Turin To Venice: High speed Italy


Trenitalia Frecciarossa information screen English.jpg

Trenitalia Frecciarossa information screen English.jpg
Turin To Venice: High speed Italy

Turin To Venice: High speed Italy

Carrier: Trenitalia

Train Number: Eurostar Italia 9723

Duration: 3h37m

Class: First Class

Train: Frecciarossa

Check-in experience:

Passengers with a Eurail Pass do not need a ticket to travel on Italy’s excellent Frecce trains, but a seat reservation is required in advance. With these documents in hand, travellers simply board the train and sit back to enjoy the ride. It is a pleasure to arrive at the station and board the train just minutes before departure.

On-time performance:

The train departed Turin’s Porta Nuova station on time and arrived at Venezia-Santa Lucia station on time.

Seat/Cabin conditions:

Italy’s Eurostar service on board its Frecce trains is among the best in Europe. Seats are large and very comfortable, and of course have power points for electronic devices to be used or recharged. Folding tables are available at every seat.

Food And Beverage:

First Class travellers on Eurostar Italia are provided with a bottle of water and a small snack, along with (Italian) newspapers, all complimentary. Other food and beverage items are available for purchase from the attendant who circulates through the carriage at regular intervals.


No need for screentime on the train. Isn’t being in Italy entertaining enough?


Santa Lucia train station can be somewhat daunting for first-time arrivals, so it makes sense to do some preparation beforehand to have the hotel send a greeter or to study the map to know your way around the city.


Italy’s general reputation for a lack of organisation is nowhere to be found in its rail network, which runs like clockwork. Railway staff actually know their jobs and are happy to take the extra step to find out information such as on which track a connecting train can be found. Eurail Passes are available in Australia through Rail Europe.


Source = Mr eTraveller Robert La Bua

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