Community Engagement bringing industry along for the ride

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Community Engagement bringing industry along for the ride

Community Engagement bringing industry along for the ride

A quick update after last weeks post….we unfortunately didn’t take out the Premiers Award for Reconciliation, however we are still incredibly humbled to be shortlisted and to have the work that the QTIC Indigenous Tourism Champions are doing recognised. We will continue to work with these volunteers to promote a strong and sustainable sector.

A major part of our First Nations Tourism Potential Plan which is currently underway, is our community consultation and engagement. It is so important that we bring people along for the ride that our outcomes are a true reflection of industry (and community) needs and wants.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a group of people who are so excited to come along on the journey with us. A group of Bunji’s  (friends) who get what the Plan is about, how important it is to the sector and what it means to Indigenous tourism across the state. These Bunji’s have been instrumental in getting this Plan off the ground and in ensuring that we are able to have a broad consultation process that encompasses key stakeholder statewide.

Consultation is a long and slow process and it’s not easy. It is about getting as many people as possible to give their feedback. The diversity of opinion, the different perspectives and the varying knowledge is all leading to a sustainable platform to develop the sector. We as the industry will take up the challenge to present a Plan that represents the input of First Nations stakeholders and draws a line in the sand from a disorganised sector with no clear vision for the future to a sector united with common goals and a sense of purpose.

As we hear contradicting opinions, listen to the pros and cons of First Nations tourism development and get to know the faces of the sector, we are able to develop a fuller understanding of the state of Indigenous tourism and what it means to its contributors. We want a Plan that will stand the test of time, that will provide direction in 10, 15 years time. Deciphering all the information that we hear will be the hard part, but a part that fills us with hope and excitement.

This is a game changing Plan for First Nations Tourism in Australia. To be at the helm of such a project is incredibly daunting but with a steering committee of experts in our corner, we just know the difference it will make.

If you want to be involved contact us here

Source = Rhonda Appo Queensland Tourism Industry Council
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