Get your feet wet in Scandinavia with STUBA

Get your feet wet in Scandinavia with STUBA

The name Scandinavia comes from the Skandage body of water that lies sandwiched between Norway, Sweden, and the Jutlandpeninsula of Denmark. Strictly speaking, the term covers only those three countries, but here we use it in its broader sense to cover all of Nordic Europe (Norden).

The Scandinavian nations share many cultural traits including similar flags and many related languages. The region is known for its natural beauty and more recently its liberalism. Denmark, Finland and Sweden are EU members. Oil and gas rich Norway, and, the only island nation (to the west), Iceland, are not.

The Nordic countries all enjoy a relatively strong economy. Norway and Iceland have in particular profited from an abundance of natural resources. Sweden and Finland also have their share of natural resources, but are in the international marketplace mostly famous for strong brands like Volvo, IKEA, Spotify, Skype, Ericsson and Nokia. Although Denmark has developed sophisticated business in a number of industries, it is above all the leading agricultural country in Scandinavia. Strong economies and relatively small social differences translates into high prices for visitors.

Elaborate welfare states are a common characteristic of the Nordic countries. Most things are generally highly organized and tourists should expect everything to proceed according to plans, rules and timetables.

Beautiful scenery abounds pretty much everywhere.

Our top things to do and see are as follows:

See the Northern Lights (Latin: Aurora Borealis; Scandinavian: Nordlys/-ljus (Swedish: Norrsken))

Visit a Viking Ship Museum in Oslo or Roskilde,Visit the famous Tivoli Gardens theme park in Copenhagen or Liseberg theme park in Gothenburg.

See the amazing Vasa Museum in Stockholm, displaying an entire flagship that sunk in the harbor nearly 400 years ago

Relax in a hot spring in Iceland

Cruise a Norwegian Fjord, Geirangerfjord is a world-famous beauty while Sognefjord is the largest.

Enjoy the endless summer days under the midnight sun in the north.

Experience the Arctic and the polar bears in the worlds northernmost settlement, Svalbard

And last but most important, is LEGOLAND in Denmark !


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