Who makes the best workers in travel?

Who makes the best workers in travel?

It’s obvious when you think about it, but is it part of your employment strategy?

It is a broad sweeping generalisation, but of my 12 or 13 years in this industry, there’s been one employee demographic that stands out for their ability to consistently get the job done. Time and again.

It’s summed up with the sentiment that Rosetta, who has now been with us for over five years, said after she’d been with roomsXML for a few months

“Seriously Mark, when I come here I just get to work and that’s all I have to worry about….”.

Compared to when she is a home that involves being a mother, running the household, paying the bills…(note I didn’t say manage her husband as David is a top bloke).

It’s a pattern that I’ve seen hold true for many years, so much so that it always influences those I want to interview.  Out of the 50 or so interviewees over the past few months as we grow my tech team, especially for the coordination, knowledge transfer and communication roles, it’s “the mums” returning to work who stand out.

Often overqualified, over skilled and over experienced who can do the job with their eyes closed. Why?

Part of it is the comparative ease of work versus running the family. Secondly is the confidence that comes through the trials and tribulations of raising kids; in our programming world, we have some truly gifted people, but with that come ego, quirks and at times, blokey bloke behaviours (like kids?)

Mums seem to embrace and manage it better than anyone else.

So it’s no surprise that our customer service engine room is now three quarters mums with kids, not ignoring Hayden, a very sensitive chap with one child who himself loves his mum (I can’t wait until somebody points this article out to him).  The pattern continues across the Stuba senior management team where operations and finance are headed up by Amanda and Rachael respectively; tricky areas of a newly merged business.  More mums with multiple kids.

We’ve been pretty lucky at roomsXML/Stuba with our hiring (the odd rat bag and nutcase aside…) and its down to how we hire; good people, with resilient personalities and empathy, regardless of the role.

Sounds like mums, huh.




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