2019 – Hotel – WTF

2019 – Hotel – WTF

Highlights and lowlights of  hotels in 2019

Stuba has been growing in a number of ways. Fortunately, financial growth which means a larger number of bookings. We’ve also added a number of new suppliers, pushing our hotel count over 100,000, so we deal with more properties. We’ve also grown in team size. …..and they all create little complexities. Suppliers provide information differently, describe rooms differently (we know you love that), staff see things differently. The more growth, the more variety we see.

Some hotels behave differently, and sometimes despite myself, I just want to yell out. W.T.F.

My favourite is  the new definition of twin versus double. For as long as I can remember, double is (probably) one big bed that two people share. “Twin beds” on the other hand would generally mean two beds, often a little smaller, suitable for those, such as grandparent/grandchild, for when “Grandpa farts and snores…”.

Apparently twin can mean that the only bed is just smaller. Suitable for twins. Who are small. Apparently. Just the one bed for the twins.

My second favourite comes from an accommodation provider near a big Australian airport… The direct to public rate was “you will pay $230…” Until you got to the next page which added on

“Tax Recovery Charges and Service Fees :$79.23”

Twice the price of a resort fee in Vegas, which is another way for saying “fuel surcharge” which is another way of saying “we are not allowing travel agents to make a margin of this portion of the bill”.

But my all-time favourite is

“I’m sorry, there is no record of booking……. “

(Angry call to Stuba, Stuba calls hotel with hotel confirmation number)

“Chasing up this booking…”

Keyboard sounds in the background

“Oh, that’s how you spell Smith“

Special mention for the travel agent

“I just love using you guys” – the agent who we haven’t given a login to yet

“I had massive issues last time I booked with you” – same office, different person, also who doesn’t have a login

“Mark, somebody has to take ownership of this problem” – Different office, strongly worded complaint about the weather on a recent trip

“I’m never using you again. Last time I booked concert tickets with you guys it was a total disaster” – we’ve never sold concert tickets.




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