Ted Travels: The best of La Paz

Ted Travels: The best of La Paz

Ted Travels: The best of La Paz

Ted Travels: The best of La Paz

We continue with La Paz as two weeks ago I was just getting started… As one of the highest capitals of the world, La Paz offers more than just a wander around the Witches Market, that is why I always recommend staying a “bit longer”, an extra day.

To continue our tour we can take Mi Teleferico, a cable car system that travels from the very bottom of La Paz to El Alto (high plain), where clients will be able to see the amazing hillsides filled with the densely packed buildings. Each line of this metropolitan transportation system has multiple stops, so clients can stop anytime to take in the sights and catch their breath! There are 3 lines operating at more than 4000 masl! The world´s highest cable car has revolutionised the locals travel between La Paz and neighbouring El Alto.

The red line of the Teleferico stops at the Cementerio General, before reaching El Alto, which is my next suggestion. There is no better place to experience cultural traditions of death like Latin America, Bolivia is a great example. The city´s cemetery is massive, spread over 15 blocks of the city. One can see the tombs stacked one above the other, framed by a shrine covered with glass decorated with flowers, photos, and other mementos that are placed by their families. Tradition says these decorations are added to aid the deceased’s journey into the afterlife.

If after the cemetery, if clients want to keep soul searching, they can visit the Valley of the Souls, a densely packed forest of rock formations. The valley offers stunning views, it is said that the mudrock spires resembled petrified souls giving the name of this area. Travellers will be amazed at the rugged view with the Illimani mountain on the background.

Valley of the Souls is not the only valley they can visit, suggest an excursion to the Valley of the Moon, said to have been named by astronaut Neil Armstrong, the Valley of the Moon is located about 10 km southwest from La Paz. The view is one of a carpet of stalagmites canvasing a desert, the rock formations contain rich mineral content creating a colourful composition throughout the landscape.

And last, but not least, suggest ending the night with a spectacle of Cholita wrestling. The Cholitas are the main event of the wrestling matches held at the Coliseo. Before, the term “Cholita” was a derogatory name for lower class women of mixed indigenous heritage. But today, wrestlers reclaim the term for the empowered, fashion-conscious, resourceful and proud women of Bolivia. If wrestling with longs skirts is not impressive I don´t know what is! Don´t hesitate to call us to create a bespoke itinerary to this incredible city for your clients, we can add the pre-Inca ruins of Tiwanaku, a few days of exploring Lake Titicaca, or a bike ride along the Death Road


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