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Submitting Hotel Requests

“Requests” are an important part of a trip, potentially the icing on the cake and can be the difference between a good experience and a bad experience. It could be a “nice to have” like a high floor, not near the elevator or check in an hour earlier.

However others can be very specific and need guaranteed confirmation. For example 2 beds for the grandfather and the granddaughter, disabled access and non-smoking

These requests that need to be handled with extra care.

Some agents like to go directly to the hotel as this seems “easier”. The challenge being that the correspondence is often fragmented, only between the agent and the hotel and therefore, impossible for anyone else to assist with.

At Stuba we strongly encourage agents to manage requests through us. Why wouldn’t you let us do the hard work? We have the contact channels, the details and the right email addresses to get a faster result.

By putting the requests through us, all of the appropriate channels are aware of what’s needed in what’s going on. This way the person you pay is the one who you go to if there is an issue.

“Get it in writing” – probably the most important step when submitting requests – more so when it’s to be on a guaranteed basis. A verbal request is not worth the paper it’s not written on. Without anything in writing, the hotel can easily turn around and say “we never received a request from you”. We’ve seen it happen, we’ve had agents complain that they called the hotel and the front desk person said “it would be fine”.

Problem is, there is no name, no proof and no authority.

Our support team do an amazing job when it comes to submitting these requests, especially when you consider the volume we manage. Perfect? Not always. Sometimes in our control, sometimes outside of our control. But always the aim to ever improve.

Stuba ensures that we gather as much information as possible, including who we have spoken to at the hotel to ensure that your clients are well looked after when they arrive at their destination.

The happier they are, the happier you are, and the sooner we expect to see you back at Stuba. :-)


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