Florida: Hit the road with Stuba

Florida: Hit the road with Stuba

When we think of Florida, we think of sun and retired folk; but nothing could be further from the truth. The sun part is correct, but Florida has transformed itself into a vibrant and (in some places) hip nightlife and culture.

Some of the best fun, eating and relaxing in the USA can be done in Florida

Everglades National Park: This park is BIG. Its is a massive series of marshes and swamps, over 1.5 million acres in total. This park was created in 1947, long before we fully understood the value of marshes to the environment. Otters, crocodiles and even panthers call this park home.

Walt Disney World: Not much needs to be said: However its bigger and better than you might think. Rides, fun, and more rides. Pay a bit extra to get the VIP , queue skipping pass. Its worth every cent. Don’t forget to advise your clients to check out Universal Studios while they are there.

Kennedy Space Centre: On of the best things to do if you’re any kind of space fiend or nerd. Site to the 1969 Apollo Moon landing, and launch site of over 135 space shuttle mission. Book a behind the scenes tour and you will make the most of the visit. If the kids are into space, you can book one of the lunch with an astronaut packages to hear first hand the excitement and thrills.

Miami Beach: Located and accessible by bridge from mainland Florida, the beach is one of the top tourist spots. Restaurants, bars and some of the best hotels going. World famous Art deco buildings will make for the perfect photo opportunity.

Dry Tortugas: Home to the amazing fort Jefferson built in the 1800’s, this complex in accessible only by boat. A great spot for snorkelling and just relaxing

Daytona 500: If your clients are into car racing Nascar, then it wont get much better than this. Its fast, dirty and dangerous. An interesting fact is that before the late fifties, the race was held on the beach….in 2020 it will be held on Feb 17

There is of course plenty to do and see in Florida. Book your accommodation and transfers with Stuba and you wont be disappointed.




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