The Australia China Tourism Relationship

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The Australia-China Tourism Relationship

The Australia China Tourism Relationship

Figures released by Tourism Australia revealed that in the year ending March 2018, China officially became the largest source market for tourists to Australia. During that year just over 1.4 million Chinese visited Australia with more than half of them coming for holidays. In 2018 Chinese visitors spent AUD$11 billion in Australia which represents 25% of all inbound tourism spending in Australia.

However, it’s significant to note that in 2018, 770,000 Australians will visit China, spending US$7 billion dollars. The strength of a good bilateral tourism relationship is that it works in both directions. The total two way tourism flows of 2.2 million people have led to a massive growth in direct flights between a growing number of Australian and Chinese gateway cities. The growth in two way tourism between Australia and China has been phenomenal over the past ten years. Australia, with a population of only 25 million people, is China’s 10th largest international source market. Just over 1% of China’s 135 million outbound international tourists visit Australia while just over 7% of Australia’s 11 million outbound international tourists visit China.

In 1999 Tourism Australia signed one of the first approved destination status agreements with China. Today 140 countries have signed approved destination status agreements with China. However, because Australia was one of the first, it’s built a strong and positive image as a China friendly tourist destination. Australia’s new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison as a former CEO of Tourism Australia, has a deep appreciation of the importance of Australia-China tourism ties.

Tourism has become a very significant element in the flourishing bilateral relationship between Australia and China. Two way tourism has facilitated trade ties, educational ties and other elements of economic, scientific and cultural exchange beween the two countries.

The Australia China Relations Insitute which is based at my university (University of Technology-Sydney) is hosting a panel discussion which focuses on the Australia-China tourism relationship. The panel will be moderated by Professor Bob Carr former NSW Premier and Australian Foreign Minister. I will be one of the panelists. The event is being held at UTS on September 11, starting at 6 p.m. Entry is free.

ETB Travelnews readers are cordially invited to hear from the panel and contribute your ideas and questions.

Details of the panel session can be found on

To register CLICK HERE

Chinese Tourists in Sydney

Chinese Tourists in Sydney

Source = Dr David Beirman PhD and Daniel Bolger

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