Contrast makes for the travel memory

The strongest impressions are created at times of highest contrast. It’s one of the keys to creating a holiday memory.

Black stands out against white .

A cold shower feels icy with of the spa.

Sweet is sweetest straight after something bitter.

The strongest impressions are created at times of highest contrast. It’s one of the keys to creating a holiday memory.

I laugh about my recent Fiji experience. I dressed mostly in work gear, covered in concrete whilst most adorned board shorts and sun cream. I bet those I bumped into on the way to the room remembered that little bit of oddness. It was different to everything else. Possibly smellier too.

Contrasts during a travel experience create talking points which lead to word-of-mouth referral back to your business. Same old same old doesn’t create a compelling narrative.

Try these five ideas to build contrast into your itineraries .

Tourists seeing reality

Planning a tourist itinerary is easy, but how about a real destination experience. Visit a village? Eat with a local family? Create that unique Insta moment with a different story from everyone else’s.

Busy day lazy day

Relaxing by the pool is justifiable when yesterday you were climbing mountainous paths, walking around the town or working that surf ski hard. The relaxing is rejuvenating and the effort energises. Each day you look forward more to the next.

Best accommodation in the toughest destinations

I love India to death, I’m going for my 20th time in August. But it can be way too much to do the full immersion in the sights, sounds, smells and culture for a whole trip. Give me a five star Marriot across the road from an awesome local vegetarian restaurant any day.

Five-star for breakfast, street food for lunch

Hotels make nice, digestible breakfast buffets. But going to another country and eating the same stuff you at home kind of defeats the purpose. Food tours that take in safe street food whilst checking out some local sights and sounds stimulates a different sorts of appetite.

The way home upgrade

No matter how fancy the plane, long haul economy can be hard-core. People stress when beginning that homeward leg and that’s the last memory they take home with them. If ever there is a time to let them know about a great upgrade option, give them something to look forward to and remember with a smile as they arrive home fresh.


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