Hotel EMC2 celebrates women in science

Hotelier Scott Greenberg and artist Eugenia Cheng

Hotelier Scott Greenberg and artist Eugenia Cheng at Hotel EMC2. Credit: Scott Greenberg

Hotel EMC2 celebrates women in science

The Streeterville hotel makes a special donation to Dress For Success, and pays tribute to the accomplishments of women in science by offering Emmy Noether-inspired activities and incentives throughout the day

The time is now. Hotel EMC2, located at 228 E. Ontario Street, is celebrating the power of women this International Women’s Day on Thursday, March 8 through both charitable and science inspired activities. In the spirit of supporting women, hotel employees will donate both new and gently used professional attire to Dress for Success, an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing the tools and confidence necessary to help women thrive in work, as well as in life. Additionally, Hotel EMC2 will honor the often-unmerited female mathematician and professor of the early 1900s, Emmy Noether, by providing guests and locals alike an opportunity to participate in an interactive Noether-inspired trivia event, as well as offering a specialty Emmy Noether cocktail at their restaurant, the Albert.

The Emmy Noether trivia event will take place on March 8 from 4 pm to 8 pm. Dr. Eugenia Cheng (British mathematician, musician, author, artist, and Scientist in Residence at both the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Hotel EMC2) will create a series of trivia questions on Noether, who was commonly referred by Albert Einstein as the most important woman in the history of mathematics. The first ten guests to answer the questions correctly will receive a complimentary Emmy Noether cocktail. The cocktail, a perfect mixture of gin, raspberry liquor, lime, and ginger beer, will be available for all guests that day at the Albert for $8.

Both Dr. Eugenia Cheng and Emmy Noether hold prominent significance within the walls of Hotel EMC2. The enthralling art of Dr. Eugenia Cheng, commissioned by SMASHotels’ President and CEO, Scott Greenberg, is the focal point of both of the hotel’s meeting spaces, with large blackboard style installations depicting Emmy Noether’s legacy and groundbreaking theories and the principle of symmetry. The captivating commissioned artwork is surrounded by vintage books on art, science, physics, mathematics and history.


Source = Hotel EMC2
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