Lessons from the dojo to benefit travel agents

Lessons from the dojo to benefit travel agents

“If done with a “do as I do” attitude, it makes you better at what you do, removing compromises and refocusing on your own excellence.”

As I get older and the cartilage starts disappearing, I’m taking more of an interest in developing  the younger karateka at our dojo .  It’s part of the progressions. Whilst being blown away by the dedication of a group kids who wanted extra, early morning training over summer, at roomsXML we were updating our business processes and training a new staff member.

 Putting real effort into teaching, whether inducting a new staff member, or teaching a drive student, has many rewards.

The enthusiasm of newbies is infectious

New staff are keen to please and can be a breath of fresh air into the office, giving you an opportunity to appreciate your own progress and journey to date.  Having kids “ooh” and “ah” as you demonstrate, and push themselves to exhaustion at an early morning training session is infectious.

 The reflection serves to ground oneself and build the infrastructure upon which you can grow yourself, or your business, further.

Teaching improves your own skills

Teaching the technique for a point scoring punch (fast, light contact, controlled, scream like a banshee) means patiently stripping everything back to basics and delivering clear and concise messages.

Back in the office, removing the complexity makes problems significantly more surmountable.  In our case, it helped us redefine how we see ourselves: “A Technology Driven Travel Company who is Big on Empathy”.

You have to walk the walk

If the kids come to watch me compete, it’s essential I’m on my very best behavior and following strict tournament protocol. If they see me back chat to a referee or do not adhere to etiquette, there is no way I can expect any better of them.

It’s the same in teaching staff your expectations. If done with a “do as I do” attitude, it makes you better at what you do, removing compromises and refocusing on your own excellence.

They ask the simplest questions

More often than not there’s a very good reason we do things the way we do them. It’s easy to simply say  “that’s the way we’ve always done it” which is another way of saying “I am no longer open to change”.

It challenges the old ideals, which most of the time, still hold. But every now and then a simple question can have you seeing something in your own business and entirely new way. Within a couple of hours, Han had us fixing an old process (she was cracking the whip after her first coffee)

The pride in their development

Positive feedback from a customer who says something like “Rosetta was just so helpful the other day” or “Matt really understands the industry” or “Hayden smells and his mum dresses him funny” lets me know I’ve not only got a good team, but that they are great at what they do. Its also lets me know if my team really read my articles.

I could not have been prouder with my daughter making the decision to come to her very first class, or seeing our students excel under pressure, or get up after a heavy hit and go again.

In both cases, it’s seeing a little bit of yourself in the way they leap forward.

Sensei Mark Luckey from roomsXML

“Sensei Mark” – roomsXML MD, with his daughter Jess after her very first class and inspirational student “Maddie” who won gold in her division in her very first tournament.



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