TripAdvisor reveals users’ top-rated small islands around Australia

Frankland Islands

TripAdvisor reveals users’ top-rated small islands around Australia

TripAdvisor reveals users’ top-rated small islands around Australia

Getting in touch with a new story from TripAdvisor, on top-rated small islands around Australia for your readers to explore.

The majority of these are all located near major cities, making them perfect for a weekend excursion, and are small enough one can walk around them fully in a matter of hours. We’ve included the top-rated tour for each island where relevant in case this helps readers build out an itinerary!

Amongst the islands three are located in the sunshine state (Queensland) alongside Adelaide’s Granite Island and the historical Sydney favourite Cockatoo Island. The cuteness of WA’s Penguin Island can’t be ignored, either.

Top-rated small islands to explore around Australia:


– A protected coral cay in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. A short cruise from Cairns opens a gateway to an underwater world where one might spot giant clams, tropical fish and coral gardens. There’s also emerald rain forest to explore on land!

– Top-rated tour: Green Island Day Trip from Cairns from $94

– Totally uninhabited, the Frankland Islands consist of five isles: High, Normanby, Mabel, Round and Russel. Each isle is part coral cay, part continental island, with a healthy and vibrant fringing coral community.
– Top-rated tour: Frankland Islands Cruise and Dive from $169 (adults) or $99 (children)

– Lady Elliot is a coral cay located at the southern tip of Australia’s iconic Great Barrier Reef, north of Fraser Island. The island is regarded as one of the best diving and snorkelling locations on the Reef and is famous for its unspoilt coral reef and amazing array of spectacular marine life.
– Top-rated tour: Lady Elliot Island Day Tour from $375 (ex Hervey Bay)

Western Australia

– Named for a French midshipman François-Antoine Boniface Heirisson, who was on the French ship Le Naturaliste, was a scientific expedition. Today the island is still used as the main crossing from one side of the river to the other, using the causeway bridge. The island has many facilities, such as seating barbecues, picnic shelters, a children’s playground, a kangaroo sanctuary and toilets.

– 45 minutes south of Perth is Penguin Island – a beautiful, unspoilt nature reserve home to WA’s largest colony of little penguins, as well as dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, pelicans and ospreys. It’s also fantastic for swimming, snorkelling, having a picnic or just enjoying some of the best coastal scenery in Perth.

South Australia

  • Granite Island, AdelaideEnjoy the coastal scenery and discover the island’s interesting history along the Kaiki Walk or go fishing from the jetty or causeway. You may even spot a southern right whale between June and October.

New South Wales

– Retaining all its character and heritage from decades of human endeavour by convicts and shipbuilders alike, Cockatoo Island has opened its doors to all, with a mission to re-energise history. Now a place to escape the everyday, a canvas for creatives and cultural events, the world’s first urban waterfront campground and beautiful holiday accommodation, Cockatoo Island has undergone a renaissance in every sense of the word.

Source = TripAdvisor
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