5 Top Tips For Yacht Charter in Turkey

Alaturka 2 Yacht Charter

Alaturka 2 Yacht Charter

5 Top Tips For Yacht Charter in Turkey

The Turquoise Coast is one of the top sailing destinations in the world, known for the richly hued and crystal clear waters, smooth pebble and white sand beaches and interesting mix of lively resort towns and quiet fishing villages. If you’ve decided to take spend your holidays in sailing along the Turkish coast this year then you’re sure to have a fantastic experience but there are a few thing to bare in mind to get the most out of your holiday.

Consider Your Options

If you’re thinking about Yacht Charter Turkey then you should know that there are a lot of options from private yacht charter to cabin charter and many reputable agencies to choose from. Private charters are usually for one week or more are ideal for groups who desire the freedom to roam the mediterranean and Aegean sea. With a private charter you will have the opportunity to discuss and plan your itinerary with the yachting agency and even be spontaneous and agree a route change with your captain. Alternatively individuals may prefer cabin charter, while you won’t have the same freedom, it would be a far more economical option and gives social travellers the chance to mix with an international crew.

All Inclusive or Self Catering

You should check with your specific yachting agency but usually food and drinks are not included in the standard charter fee, however most agencies give customers the option of all inclusive, self catering or the option to bring their own food but have the cooking and cleaning taken care of by the boat crew. Self catering can work out as a cheaper option but if your budget will cover it then all inclusive is a better option as it saves you the stress of extra planning and food shopping on your relaxing vacation. All inclusive generally means 3 good quality buffet style meals per day, so you’ll have plenty of energy for swimming and exploring. Often either lunch or dinner is barbequed chicken, fish or meatballs plus a selection of ‘mezze’, salad and rice or pasta. You’ll be able to wake up to a full Turkish breakfast of fresh fruits, cheeses, olives, bread and jams, instead of a bowl of soggy cereals and be served tea in the afternoon while chilling out on the top deck.

Research your Route

It’s a good idea to have a little background information on the area you’re planning to be sailing through and while your yachting agency will have recommendations and can point out the ‘top spots’, it’s also worth doing a your own research. Maybe there is a yachting blog that mentions a specific cove as an excellent sunset spot or you find an interesting bay on google maps that you would like to visit. The Turquoise coast is literally bursting with unique caves and picturesque locations and knowing a bit about the area will let you plan a personalised itinerary and also give you an idea of how long you will want to charter the yacht for. One week is usually the minimum length for private yacht charter but you might consider a longer period in order to fully explore Turkey’s coast and maybe even cross to the Greek Dodecanese Islands.

Choose the Right Yachting

If you’ve ever strolled along the promenade in the harbours of Fethiye, Marmaris or Kas then you will know that Turkey has no shortage of gutel sailing boats. Most have berths for 12 to 16 passengers although smaller and larger are also available, most also have sun beds, sound system, deck shower as well as cabins with ensuite bathrooms and some yachts are also fitted with air conditioning and equipped with fishing and snorkelling kits to use at your leisure. If you have a large group and would like for a little extra comfort then you could look at Alaturka 2 Yacht Charter, at 26 metres long it has capacity for 18 passengers plus an experienced crew of 2/3 people. Alaturka are among the most experienced of Turkish yachting agencies but you can look online to see which other national and international companies offer private yacht charters. It’s definitely worth checking out the facilities of the yacht that you intend to rent and reading through reviews and personal testimonies before booking your boat.


By far the best way to enjoy your yacht charter in Turkey is by disconnecting from the stress and hassles of everyday life and engaging with the magnificent scenery of the Turquoise coast as well as enjoying the company of your fellow crew mates. That means removing the temptation to check your Facebook or post a picture on Instagram. So remember to pack a camera so that when you step aboard your wooden gulet boat with your crew of family or friends you can switch if you mobile phone and store it below deck for the duration of your sailing holiday.

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