Managing Director, Fred van Eijk says call me directly and I will assist you

Fred van Eijk

Talking with Fred

Call me directly and I will assist you

Are you passionate about travel and want to run a successful business from home?

Talk to Fred about becoming part of the world’s best-loved travel company, and join nearly 1,700 successful travel counsellors around the globe.

  • Take control – run your own successful business from home
  • Join our 1,700 Travel Counsellors and earn over $150k per year
  • Get 24-hour support for starting and growing your business

Fred van Eijk, Managing Director for Travel Counsellors Australia is sending a clear message, call me directly! Fred has only been with Travel Counsellors Australia less than a year but more than 12 years with the group for which he founded the successful businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium, during this time he has made numerous positive changes to the business and how Travel Counsellors conduct themselves. For instance, Travel Counsellors is one of the world’s largest and most successful home based agency groups meaning that our product offering and technology is second to none boasts Fred and we want Travel Consultants and Travel Agencies to know this.

An undercover agent put Fred to the test by calling his direct line of (03) 9034 7088 and you guessed it, the phone was answered by Fred himself who was very cheerful and ready to assist, amazing. They then emailed Fred at and he responded within 24 hours, again, amazing.

When asked why he was doing this, the reply was simple, according to Fred, people wanting to make a major change in their lives prefer to deal with the boss and at Travel Counsellors, so they shall. To be honest, I have been inundated with enquiries to join Travel Counsellors and by some incredible and well experienced individuals, this is very exciting says Fred.

If you are seeking change and an opportunity to be apart of a global organisation offering great commissions, product offerings and state of the art technology, then contact Fred today:

Telephone:  (03) 9034 7088



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