Four travel trends that all Travel Agents should know about

Fortune Favours the brave when trying new things in travel

Travel and Tourism is in a constant state of flux and the players that prosper are the ones that are informed about changes and trends and take the risks to  implement and respond.  Someonetimes you win, sometimes you lose, but you never never know if you don’t have a go.

Here’s four of the current travel trends that all Travel Agents should be aware of.

The rise of Virtual Reality Marketing

 One of the newest and most exciting trends in the travel industry is Virtual Reality marketing. This is providing a virtual experience of specific tours, attractions or entire cities. This technology allows visitors to your platform to essentially experience that tour or trip that they want to take without being at the physical location. This is a compelling marketing tool that will change the way that people travel forever and will have implications on your travel business if you not on-board with the technology.

Ask West Indian cricketer Chris Gayle, he’s just picked up a minority stake in our venture. Gayle will be endorsing the brand and initiate campaigns across the world,” says FlippAR Founder Vivek Jain.

I’ve used FlippAR. Its awesome.

Travel bots on messaging platforms

Another game changer that technology has facilitated in travel and tourism is the availability of travel bots on messaging platforms. This allows for more personalised experiences for customers twenty-four hours of the day, which is another innovation that will shape the future of the industry.

Turing test anyone?


Like the mullet of the travel industry? Business on top, fun at the back?

There is a growing trend of travellers incorporating leisure into business trips; this is where people travelling for business will take along their family and stay some additional days for relaxation. This presents opportunities for Travel Agents to produce creative itineraries for this emerging market.

Increasing demand for destinations that might not exist much longer

 An exciting but scary prospect is the clamour for destinations or attractions that might not be around much longer or might be permanently altered, such as visits to Antarctica, the Arctic and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Nothing like “one time only opportunity” to get someone spending.




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One thought on “ Four travel trends that all Travel Agents should know about

  1. another trend we're noticing, is many clients wanting complete packages put together for them. Online searches for bits & pieces seems to be old hat now.

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