Pizza or BBQ? Don’t Mind if I Do!

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Pizza or BBQ? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Pizza or BBQ? Don’t Mind if I Do!

Undeniably, Bali is now bursting with bars, cafes and lavishly adorned bistros beckoning you to lounge and dine but sometimes you just want to grab a bite of tasty food midweek that the whole family can agree on and afford! It seems somebody’s has been listening food lovers and they’re bringing back family nights to Bistro C!

Attention Finns members! You’re about to get a whole lot more bang for your BBQ buck as well as pizza and pasta at a price to please much more than your palate! Commencing October, Tuesdays are set to become a weeknight staple for spaghetti or a slice at Bistro C and you can forget about cooking on Thursdays too as they’ll be getting the grill fired up for BBQ night.

Of course everyone is always welcome at Bistro C but Finns members will really be feeling the love with not one, but now three members’ nights each week offering awesome discounts on food and beverages. At fifty percent off food (as well as 10 percent off drinks) for Gold and Platinum members and twenty percent discount for Social and Social Plus members, you’ll be willing to let your mini gourmands grab seconds.

Choose Tuesdays if pizzas and pastas are what you prefer. More than just your run of the mill Margherita and meat lovers, selections range from classics like pepperoni and prosciutto and move to gourmet varieties the likes of pulled pork and rendang for a little Indo-Italian fusion! Dare you not to be tempted by some Antipasto items like the crispy mozzarella cheese sticks with tomato and chipotle dipping sauce (OK, they’re a little bit naughty but oh soooo nice!) and you have the option to supersize your favourite toppings to get much more of what you enjoy for only a little extra!

Satisfy your seafood cravings with a Chilli Prawn pizza, a Spaghetti Vongole or savour the fruits of the sea with Bistro C’s Linguini Di Mare……tastebuds tuning in already are they?

If a good grilling makes your mouth water then we’ll catch you by the BBQ at Bistro C on Thursdays! Maybe not the best night to bring your vegetarian date, BBQ nights at Bistro C have been designed with the carnivore more in mind. Pick your favourite protein from the freshest selection of seafood and import quality meats and you can fill up from the all you can eat salad bar for free. So much better than Sizzler! The same fantastic Finns member discounts apply for Thursday evenings too so you can easily afford to return each week just to make your way through every variety of cut and catch on the menu!

Pizza, Pasta and BBQ nights commence in October and you can dine from 5pm. Perfect timing for when the family finishes after school sports and to enjoy the cool of the afternoon with a cocktail while the sun sets. Visit for more information about their members’ nights and daily happy hours, or to make an easy online reservation.

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