Tramada confirmed as preferred mid office partner

AFTA releases new report in support of Travel Agents

Tramada confirmed as preferred mid office partner

Tramada confirmed as preferred mid office partner

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) earlier this month announced the launch of the AFTA Insolvency Chargeback Scheme (AICS) – the first ever travel industry scheme to provide a solution to supplier failure chargebacks.

Today, AFTA is pleased to announce that Tramada has partnered with AFTA to make it easier for travel agents to apply for AICS and manage risks associated with accepting credit card payments.

Tramada has designed a real-time report for clients to easily determine current and future creditor insolvency risk. The tramada® AICS report was developed as part of their ongoing commitment to the security and success of clients. It identifies key elements such as creditor, client, travel dates and monies already paid to a creditor.  The tramada® AICS report is available now in the standard reporting suite to all Tramada clients at no additional charge.

AICS brings to light the risks agents carry regarding suppliers potentially becoming insolvent and subsequent client chargeback. The tramada® AICS report was designed with AFTA requirements in mind, so that agents are not left “holding the bag” when it comes to identifying volumes paid to and trips outstanding with various creditors.

“While we’ve made the report available to all Tramada agents, AFTA AICS members will be advised which suppliers are at risk, so those agents can quickly check their tramada® AICS report to assess potential damages and redirect clients proactively,” said Susan Enners, Tramada Country Manager, Australia / NZ.

“Working with Tramada on this terrific benefit for travel agents has been wonderful and we greatly appreciate the support and initiative that Tramada has given to AICS. AICS brings great benefits to ATAS travel agents who choose to participate and with this new tramada® AICS report, things just got even easier,” said Jayson Westbury, AFTA Chief Executive.

AICS is available to ATAS accredited travel agencies and provides protection against consumer debit and credit card chargebacks. AICS is a Mutual Beneficiary Fund owned by ATAS entities and at no cost to members.

ATAS accredited travel agents are encouraged to apply for AICS now.

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Source = AFTA - Australian Federation of Travel Agents

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