Kahama (KBH) Next – Precision Air

Precision Air

Kahama (KBH) Next – Precision Air

Kahama (KBH) Next – Precision Air

Precision Air‘s Corporate Affairs Manager Mr Hillary Mremi, said by opening  up Kahama route Precison Air is living its slogan “You are why we fly” through opening up routes which are meant to serve the demands of the Mwananchi.

Precision Air will start its operations effective 05th September 2017, starting with three flights a week, every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and strategically increasing the frequency to daily depending on the demand.

Kahama is located in the northwest of Tanzania is  known for Gold mining and it is believed to have a very vibrant economy, but lacked scheduled air services for years. Precision Air flights are expected to speed up economic developments in the district and Shinyanga region at large.

Precision Air established in 1993 as a private charter air transport company has grown to become a reputable airline in East Africa ans Africa at large.Operating from Dar es Salaam Precision Air flies to Arusha, Bukoba, Kigoma, Kilimanjaro, Musoma, Mtwara Mwanza, Tabora, Zanibar, Nairobi and Entebbe.

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