You ARE the brand You ARE the industry

You ARE the brand You ARE the industry

Like it or not, like the picture shows, you are always a representative.

Everyday there are potential lessons, wisdom and experience that we can draw from.

The human condition makes it tough to learn without having the experience.Anthony Hopkins in the series “Westworld”  says something like “we were put on this planet with only one mechanism by which to improve – the mistake”.

When I tell my daughter to do or not to do something ; sometimes it is an easy “you’ll get burnt if you touch that”. Try and explain the importance of “being in the moment” to a group of 10-year-olds in a class who need to focus. Most adults still can’t do it

But I digress.

Representation, or “you are the brand”, is another one that can be hard to stomach. What does that mean exactly? Aren’t I just me doing my job for you? It’s a concept we should be familiar with. Its beyond Meaghan Gayle representing David Jones.


Sometimes in life, you dont need the lesson yourself

 “At all times when you are you wearing that uniform you are a representative…”.

Who could possibly want to let this scruffy 16-year-old Bogan with bad hair be a representation of the school? Wasn’t I just meant to go on the excursion, cause trouble, be made to sit by myself on the bus on the way home and turn up to detention?

All of those AFL and rugby players getting in a fight in Bali. That kid in that uniform is the school. I understand it now.

In a modern era of connectivity, we are representatives all the time. Not just when we are wearing that company polo shirt but when we sit down behind that desk in the morning, answer the phone, send an email or shake hands at a conference.

Even on holidays, the moment you board that plane and tell someone you are a travel agent you are the travel industry.

That extends to the Internet. Everyone knows they shouldn’t bag their boss or a client online, but we’ve all sent an email we wish we didn’t, made a Facebook post we shouldn’t have. We know people will read it. But now, the internet connects the real world.

Going for a job? You will be stalked online by the HR department. You shouldn’t have uploaded those photographs from schoolies in 1997.  They superimpose that on to you and now you look like a drunken wretch.

Sometimes the human condition can be overcome and the lesson is obvious.

You are the brand. All the time. `Do I need to say anymore?


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