New research from Carnival Cruise Line reveals the rise of the ‘Honeyboomers’


New research from Carnival Cruise Line reveals the rise of the ‘Honeyboomers’

Carnival Cruise Line reveals a nationwide desire for couples with older kids to experience more fun and live a free spirited life. Research shows relationships are likely to last longer when couples take time out from parenting to build new memories together*.

The research polled over 1,000 Australians (couples with children aged 13+), revealing more than three quarters (76%) of couples miss having fun with their partner and over one third (35%) believe a child-free holiday will help them remember why they fell in love.

Carnival has christened these couples ‘Honeyboomers’ – couples enjoying a second honeymoon now that their kids are less reliant on them. The cruise line has seen an 80% increase in Honeyboomers sailing over the past four years.

Relationship expert, John Aiken, says couples should prioritise spending time with each other having fun and enjoying new experiences to ensure a healthy and happy relationship.

Aiken believes that many couples don’t prioritise time alone. Almost a quarter of Aussies (22%) revealed they haven’t been on a holiday alone for five years or longer and 90% said they wanted to share more travel experiences with their partner.

“There is nothing more important in a relationship than spending one-on-one time together. Fun experiences allow couples to form stronger bonds and create new conversation. It’s an important ingredient to relationship success.”

Rob Nicholas, a regular cruiser and Honeyboomer, says “We really look forward to our time together on holiday, where can enjoy each other’s company and have fun with friends. We use the opportunity to try new things and be a bit outrageous without the kids around to get embarrassed by us. It’s also a real opportunity to get out there and experience new countries and cultures together. It’s so much fun!”

John Aiken’s guide to the perfect Honeyboom:

Planning is key
The very first thing on the to do list is to ensure the children will be safe and well cared for at home. Making sure the kids are settled before you depart will ensure you can fully relax and have fun.

On the same page
Before booking a Honeyboom, agree on what you both want. Whether it’s relaxing by the pool with a cocktail or trying a new activity together, just make sure the time away brings back the spark with shared experiences you both enjoy.

Find the new
Don’t be afraid to try something different while on holiday – whether that’s embracing a new hobby or trying a new food.

Embrace the fun
Make sure you put time aside for fun, just for the sake of it. That day-to-day routine can be monotonous; work, bills, errands and commitments often take away from the frivolity of everyday life.

Carnival Cruise Line Vice President Australia, Jennifer Vandekreeke, says, “At Carnival we have seen an 80% increase in couples with older children sailing without the kids to experience new, fun adventures. It’s wonderful to see people enjoying their first holiday without the kids, rediscovering the free-spirited, fun-loving couple they were before school drop off and Saturday sport hijacked the romance.”

Carnival Spirit and Carnival Legend offer free-spirited fun for couples looking to reconnect. With over 45 activities a day, multiple live entertainment venues accompanied by delicious cocktails and cuisine, there’s something for every style of Honeyboomer fun.

Source = Carnival Cruise Line
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