Traveliko online portal scoops Digital Innovation Award at Digi.Travel Thailand


Traveliko online portal scoops Digital Innovation Award at Digi.Travel Thailand

Socially and environmentally conscious online travel portal and hotel booking platform, traveliko, received a Digital Innovation Award at the recent Thailand International Conference & Expo held on 27 June 2017 in Bangkok.

The newly launched portal offers hotels and travellers a groundbreaking approach to online travel, giving more freedom and support to hotels while also providing guests with the opportunity to make a difference in the destinations they choose to travel.

“Our team worked for three years to develop traveliko in order to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated, tech savvy, socially conscious travellers. We are honoured and delighted that its value is already being recognized within the travel industry with this Digital Innovation Award,” said Yann Gouriou, Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer of traveliko. “We want to provide an alternative booking option for travellers while supporting hotels with lower commission rates, and giving back to the communities our customers are visiting.”

traveliko takes a flat 10% commission on all hotel bookings, a rate significantly lower than most other OTAs. The company then encourages its hotel partners to pass the savings onto their guests in the form of added benefits and services, it is also committed to supporting local communities and projects in the countries where it offers hotel accommodation. Users can donate 20% of the net commission from each booking to project-oriented charities.

“The Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) Awards are dedicated to supporting digital adoption and growth within the travel and tourism industry,” explained Jens Thraenhart founder of DIA. “As a newcomer to the market, traveliko has already started to make a name for itself and help push the envelope when it comes to offering hotels and travellers a unique and empowering booking platform.”

In addition to the fourth Digital Innovation Asia (DIA) Awards, the second annual Thailand International Conference & Expo 2017, organised by Travel Media Applications in cooperation with PATA Thailand Chapter, featured a number of workshops and break-out sessions.

Yann Gouriou was one of the guest speakers at the conference where he introduced thetraveliko concept and explained its disruptive approach to online travel.

“traveliko is proving to be a popular alternative,” he explaind. “We launched in May and already have agreements with a number of international hospitality companies, along with smaller chains and independently-owned hotels, in nine Southeast Asian countries.”

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