Travel Counsellors take ‘coaching’ to another level with new system

TC Coach

Travel Counsellors take ‘coaching’ to another level with new system

Travel Counsellors have developed and launched a bespoke in-house learning and professional development platform for its global network of over 1,600 Travel Counsellors and 350 support team.

Named ‘Coach’, the international system is based on the Travel Counsellors’ unique relational model of selling and focuses on both the mindset and skill set needed to build a business based on retention and referrals. It covers content across a range of fields including personal development, technology, products, sales and marketing. In the first week of launching Coach the company has seen over 600 Travel Counsellors utilise the new system globally, with 260 courses currently available and a further 70 planned to be rolled out over the coming months.

Head of Learning and Development Michael Vincent comments; “We are very excited to launch Coach. It is really different to your standard LMS system as we have developed it to be a truly intuitive tool with content tailored to each individual within the business according to factors such as their background, length of service and specialisms, so we are making it as personal for our Travel Counsellors as they do for their customers. Our focus has also been to make the content really engaging for those using Coach to learn and develop, so ultimately people can choose how they would like to consume their training in a way that suits them and their business needs.”

Coach is housed in the company’s bespoke technology providing access 24/7 digitally wherever and whenever a Travel Counsellor needs it. Content within the system includes webinars, toolkits, ‘Quicks Hits’ designed for those who are keen to absorb some new knowledge but only have a few minutes to spare, and pocket books – a range of short mini books on a range of topics including time management and mindfulness. Each person has their own ‘dashboard’ to keep track of their development and progress, with plans to link this to the company’s TC Rewards scheme that recognises and rewards Travel Counsellors based on their business success.

Managing Director Australia Fred van Eijk comments; “I am a firm believer in continuous learning as it’s in your own interests and your clients to keep up to date with destinations, travel, new technology and products. Coach is another great support tool that allows our Travel Counsellors and staff  to learn in a way that suits them and in a clear and logical manner.”

Fred adds; “Learning and development can’t be a ‘one size fits all’ so this dynamic and innovative platform ensures everyone in the business can enhance their knowledge and skills in a way that is catered to them and their individual learning style. Ultimately we want to give the very best training and support to our Travel Counsellors so that they can each fulfil their true potential and build thriving travel businesses. As a company we never stand still and we will continue to develop Coach and build on the support, tools and technology we offer.”

Source = Travel Counsellors

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