Travel Counsellors ‘pack for a purpose’ during Gold celebrations in Jamaica

TC Gold Jamaica

Travel Counsellors ‘pack for a purpose’ during Gold celebrations in Jamaica

A group of over 70 Travel Counsellors recently celebrated their ‘Gold’ status with the company during an exclusive trip to the five-star Half Moon resort in Jamaica. Whilst enjoying a range of activities and excursions on the island, the company also worked with non-profit organisation ‘Pack for a Purpose’ to give back to a local school in the area.

Pack for a Purpose provides travellers with up-to-date information about needed supplies for community-based projects supported by accommodations around the globe. Travellers use their luggage to take school, medical and other supplies to the communities they visit. Travel Counsellors partnered with the charity to supply hundreds of items of stationary equipment to Barrett Town school in St James, which has over 350 pupils aged 6-14 years old, and encouraged its Gold Travel Counsellors attending the trip to bring items along too.

Managing Director of Australia, Fred van Eijk comments; “Being part of such a great industry means we are privileged enough to visit and celebrate the success of our Travel Counsellors in beautiful destinations such as Jamaica, but It’s also really important to us that we are giving back to the communities we visit and playing our part to ensure tourism brings greater benefits for local people the environment in these places. Pack for a Purpose is a great initiative and we were really pleased to give this equipment to the children and hear about the difference this will make to them and their education. We are a people based business and helping others in both our local and global communities is something we are extremely passionate about as a company.”

Rebecca Rothney, Founder and Chairperson for Pack for a Purpose, adds; “When Travel Counsellors invited their Gold travel specialists to Pack for a Purpose on their celebration trip to Jamaica, they included the community and children of Jamaica in their celebration, enriching the trip for themselves and the local community. When travellers choose to Pack for a Purpose, the trip they take goes farther than the miles they travel.”

The company host two trips each year for its top performing Gold Travel Counsellors to celebrate their business success and reward them for their hard work and dedication over the past 12 months. Among them were Australian Gold Travel Counsellors, Karen Coates and Matt Schmitz.  Travel Counsellors from the UK, Ireland, The Netherlands, along with supplier sponsors Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Atlantic, Air Charter Service and Jamaica Tourism enjoyed a four-night stay on the beautiful island, with excursions and activities including bobsledding, golf, horse-riding and visits to local plantations and Dunn’s River Falls.

Source = Travel Counsellors

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