Aussie Millenials are the nation’s most stressed generation

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Aussie Millenials are the nation’s most stressed generation

According to new research commissioned by Choice Hotels Asia-Pac, one of Australia’s largest hotel franchise groups, an enormous 82 per cent of Millennials say they are feeling some level of stress.

The “Need A Break” Report identifies work as a major cause of this stress for the under 35’s, as cited by 62 per cent – the highest result across all age segments. 71 per cent pointed the finger at finances/money and nearly a third of Millennials (29 per cent) flagged societal expectations as a significant cause of stress.

With Millennials by far the most stressed out demographic, their response was even slightly higher than parents of young children (81 per cent). By comparison, only 44 per cent of Baby Boomers say they are experiencing any stress, while 77 per cent of Gen X’ers currently feel moderate to extreme levels.

Millennials said that taking a short break (one to three nights) away from the daily grind was their top solution to relieving this stress (40 per cent), but work related concerns were stopping over half of them accomplishing this very achievable goal (51 per cent).

CEO of Choice Hotels Asia-Pac, Trent Fraser, said the results of the “Need A Break” research was evidence that Millennials need to give themselves a break – figuratively and literally.

“The pressures on young Australians in todays’ society are enormous,” said Mr Fraser. “When you combine the rise in the cost of living in the country’s metropolitan locations with soaring property prices, it is easy to see how monetary pressures topped the causes of stress for Millennials (71 per cent).”

“We hope to provide inspiration to young Millenials through our platform to encourage them to get away and have a short one to three night break to destress from their pressures,” added Mr Fraser.

Although Millennials highlighted a real desire for more regular short breaks away from the office  and daily grind, almost a fifth (17 per cent) indicated they actually didn’t take any short breaks in 2016.


Source = Choice Hotels Asia-Pacific
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