Ted’s Travels – The Lost City

Ted’s Travels - The Lost City

Ted’s Travels – The Lost City

Ted’s Travels – The Lost City

You clients want a unique experience only a few get to experience? Suggest Colombia’s’ Lost City. Teyuna, known as the Lost City -or Ciudad Perdida in Spanish-, is deep within the country Caribbean-coast jungle.

The Lost City trek is worldwide known but just a few get to experience it, although is not a massively physical challenge, only 30 or 40 people go each day, sometimes even less. It takes from 3 to 5 nights and is best recommended during the dry season from December to February, but it’s still hot and humid . The trek is around 45 km length and travellers sleep in basic accommodation along the way in hammocks and bunk beds. The Lost City of Teyuna is a small site but an uncommon one due to its remote location.

The ruins are older than Machu Picchu and it is said that only 10% of the settlement has been ‘discovered’ by the archaeologists. The Lost City was discovered by chance in 1975 by looters looking for pre-Columbian treasures. Tomb raiders found golden artefacts in the area which led the Colombian government to research carefully the area, but Tayrona gold has been known to be impressive since the Spanish Colonisation.

It is a very uncommon destination, the site has received a few visitors only a decade ago, when the guerrillas and drug labs ceased to be a threat to tourism. And even though just a few go, all of our clients have said is definitely worth the hike.

During the trek, your clients will see the Tayrona villages that inhabit the Sierra, most populations live between modernity and traditional settings, but way into the trek the villages are mostly isolated. Call us to book this unique experience today and get $250 off the land arrangements for Colombia incredible archaeological wonders.

Ted’s Travels - Teyuna

Ted’s Travels – Teyuna

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