Category four cyclone no barrier to PTM’s attending State Meeting

Sydney meeting

A record attendance for TravelManagers’ NSW PTM’s state meeting

Category four cyclone no barrier to PTM’s attending State Meeting

As TravelManagers gears up for its annual national conference in September, Australia’s leading personal travel manager network has enjoyed a pre-cursor with their first quarter round of state meetings across Australia.

TravelManagers experienced strong personal travel manager attendance with record numbers achieved in both Adelaide and Sydney with a 35% and 10% increased attendance respectively.

Michael Gazal, TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager believes consistency and providing relevance and adding value is the reason for maintaining extremely high participation rates across all states.

“Our first state meeting was held in March 2009 with 90 personal travel managers in attendance and supported by two national partnership office representatives. Eight years on and we are thrilled that on average at least triple the number of personal travel managers now attend these meetings and we provide a much broader involvement from members of our national partnership office support team.”

Victoria based personal travel managers Karin Evert representative for Strathmore and Mark Elevato representative for Werribee travelled to the Adelaide and Sydney state meetings respectively.  Lauren Compton from Condon in Townsville attended the Sydney meeting and Tasmania based personal travel managers Mel Whyte and Cristina Millington attended the Melbourne state meeting.

“The level of engagement of our personal travel managers with the company is so high that five personal travel managers travelled interstate to ensure they didn’t miss a meeting when they were unable to attend the scheduled one in their own region. This shows true commitment and dedication,” says Gazal.

Gazal is proud that the TravelManagers’ state meetings are a winning formula with personal travel managers.

“The feedback over the years from our personal travel managers has always been that our inclusive strategy, strong business focused agenda, large contingent from our national partnership office and hosting by our locally based business partnership managers really works. Despite a category four cyclone heading towards Queensland the day of the meeting and personal travel managers still attending in force, happy and eager to hear what is new for TravelManagers, we know we are on a winning formula with these meetings,” he says.

Hosted by the local state-based business partnership managers, the five regional meetings in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth had a strong business focus allowing the personal travel managers to network and focus on their 2017 goals.

Each national partnership department was represented and updated personal travel managers on current activities and what is planned for the year ahead.

TravelManagers also recognized fifteen personal travel managers for their five-year service at the state meetings.

The fact that over thirty-eight percent of personal travel managers have been with the company for more than five years does not surprise Gazal.QLD Sate Meeting Award Maree Evans with Michael Gazal

“TravelManagers is a company that really cares about its people and recognizing talent and providing opportunities for growth is of absolute importance to us. We treat each personal travel manager as an individual and valued business partner. The ability to have the freedom and flexibility to work how and when you choose we know resonates with our personal travel managers.”

A select group of partner suppliers are invited to attend each state meeting.

A post meeting networking session hosted by Singapore Airlines proved an outstanding success. Singapore Airlines commenced the networking session with a brief presentation from the local representative in each state, followed by a chance for personal travel managers and national partnership office team members to mix and mingle.

In addition to the state meetings and annual national conference, personal travel managers enjoy a range of networking and training opportunities throughout the year.

Source = TravelManagers

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