Travel Counsellors add range of fresh features to new, improved myTC app

Travel Counsellors add range of fresh features to new, improved myTC app

Travel Counsellors add range of fresh features to new, improved myTC app

Travel Counsellors add range of fresh features to new, improved myTC app

The Travel Counsellors myTC app continues to grow with the latest launch phase including a wide range of new features to help clients and Travel Counsellors communicate when planning, organising and booking business and leisure trips.

With improved functionality providing a raft of new features, the myTC app has been developed in-house by the talented Travel Counsellors team. Providing customers with a way to collate and house all their quotes, bookings, documentation and even travel inspiration in one, handy place, the latest release of the app includes the following updates and new features:

  • New enquiries section to request and view travel quotes
  • Travel imagery and videos to provide trip ideas and inspiration
  • The ability to request an appointment or booking directly with a Travel Counsellor
  • New functionality to enable secure payments to be made through the app

Travel Counsellors all over Australia are delighted with the new functionality offered by the app. “I love that my customers can book an appointment with me on their phone through the app that can easily be downloaded for free on iTunes or Google Play. I also think that storing quotes in one secure place is a real winner and makes trip planning so much simpler. Any tool that increases communication with my clients is a real winner,” says Carol Mills of Victoria.

Fred Van Eijk, Interim Managing Director Travel Counsellors Australia believes the added features will improve the already exceptional customer experience that Travel Counsellors provide to their clients. “The myTC app is proving to be an invaluable tool to support Travel Counsellors in their quest to provide the very best customer service in the business. While meeting face-to-face and talking over the phone is still very much at the core of our business, the app is another way for clients to communicate with their Travel Counsellor. Especially handy for time-poor business travellers who need to access flight details while on the road, or customers who want to collate and store multiple quotes while organising their dream holiday, the myTC app is something we are very proud of. We look forward to sharing the updated version of the app with our clients, suppliers and supporters.”

About Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors Australia was established in 2007 and currently has nearly 150 Travel Counsellors. Our head office in Australia is in Melbourne. Travel Counsellors Australia is accredited with ATAS. Travel Counsellors is the world’s largest home-based travel company. Founded in 1994 it currently has 1,646 travel consultants who work from home with the support of over 350 staff at the company’s UK headquarters and overseas offices. The company operates in Australia, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, South Africa, UAE and Belgium.

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