Travel Experience leads to Making Better Choices

…..  Ask Penny Hall who is stepping outside of her travel experience to run her own signature events

pennysmallerA great part of my job is I get to meet brand-new consultants to the chairman of the board of one of Australia’s largest travel companies.

Travel Manager Penny Hall stand’s out for different reasons. Penny has been immersed in great personal and emotional adversity yet has blossomed to share her experience and new found strength and energy.

When I met her in 2016, she had tentatively ventured onto the speaking circuit with the desire to one day run her own event. Her message?

“…. hope, happiness and love….. support that we can all take that first step to stand up and speak out. With loving people around us we can all combat life’s challenges with a promise to ourselves of “self freedom”.”

On March 25, 2017, Penelope Jay is launching her first signature gig “Making Bloody Good Life Choices”.

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Whey not check out Penny’s first signature event?

Part-time travel agent part-time motivational speaker… How do the two come together? Penny says

“A Travel Agent seeks experience, knowledge of the world and human connections that fall into the happy memory bank of “awesome travel experiences”.

“An Inspirational Speaker seeks “same same, but different” context of knowledge and experience whilst true connection with as many people as possible, also across many lands. It’s a dream come true working with my two passions – Travel and people.  “

“Making bloody good life choices” is a great name – why do we make bad choices?

“I prefer “life lessons” over “bad choices” and believe until we accept and take action, that continuing “lesson” will remain as such and be a true thorn. This is where and when I began to learn “Change nothing, Nothing changes”.

“So if this lesson does not work, does not serve my own purpose or life, I have learned to move on – no hard feelings, no holding onto what I used to see as “failure”, no pointing the finger at anyone else. Just process and move on out, because “nothing to see here anymore”.

In this context “process” is an empowering concept. “The only mistake we make is the one we don’t learn from” is the precursor to processing the data, learning the lesson and taking the new found wisdom forward.

Pretty heavy stuff. But there is a deep connection with travel.

Consider those moments that “fall into that happy memory bank” of awesome travel experiences. Awesome life experiences. Travel is experiential and therapeutic and is therefore “good” for us. Remember the old adage of “going on a break”. It can reset us and get us out of a rut, or as Penny refers to, being “stuck in life” or “being on pause”.

“Stuck in life”, or in a “rut”, in a “pickle” or in the “poo” isn’t the most favourable of destinations at all. It’s like being on pause whilst you get your act together, locate a life purpose and ponder “why am I here?”.

“You hear talk of the “good old days”; the simplicity of life has been lost in technology, TV and that we are in a hurry to get somewhere. But where? Where are we going? What’s the hurry?”

Of course a holiday is a ticket to emotional enrichment. We will be digging into emotional enrichment next week with Penny.

roomsXML and ETB News are proud sponsors of “Making Bloody Good Life Choices – A PJ Live Gig”.

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