Sell Global – Act Local – harnessing the local community for your travel business

…..  Five ways acting in your locality can drive your local business

The steam powered engine, the car, long haul flights, personal computers. They all had something in common; their emergence signaled the start of “interesting times”.

Is where we are now unprecedented? Definitely.

More people from more places traveling more regularly. The global economy. Facilitated by the machines concentrating wealth more than ever before. Meanwhile the biggest economy in the world is trying to limit the flow of global business.

Machines are scary. Travel Vision 2020 showed us you can’t win an arm wrestle with a company such as Expedia or whose turnover is thousands, if not millions of times greater than that of your yours. Are you advertising on tele for your high-street business ?

The formula for beating the machines is known ; create a niche which is unassailable, play in the space they can’t access or is not worth their while trying to access.


We’ve had literally tens of thousands of meetings globally in our decade of business at roomsXML. . Here are five of the best local initiatives from successful agents in growing business

  1. Get down to the tennis club. I know of one agent who in their own words was terrible at tennis, but took up lessons, started playing low-grade pennant and found a whole stack of people to talk to about travel.
  1. Get involved with local kids sport. I’ve been assistant teaching karate for six or seven years. When I see parents out of the dojo, they want to know what I do. Because I’m giving something to their kids, their natural instinct is to want to give something back. It might be Auskick, it might be scouts.  Get a working with children’s check and give back.
  1. Run a local event. Whether its a travel night or a local business event where your business is one of three key themes. It creates local advocates in a loose business network whilst accessing a new client base.
  1. Get on a committee. It might be local council, it might be grounds improvement at the park. The more exposure for your name in the local area for local causes gives people more of a chance to read about you and the great work that you do. Oh, you are also a travel agent
  1. Get to your customers in person. I love idea of the hamper left at the doorstep of that client just home from the epic trip that you organised for them. Take the time to personally drop something in before they get home and let them know you are still thinking of them. They were forget you

All of these initiatives take time.

It’s called an investment in your business.

Whilst the machines can advertise on television, they can never shake a hand, actively participate in a local community or improve a 10-year-old’s backhand .

Get out there and get engaged.



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