Nine surefire ways to spot “Fake news”

Nine surefire ways to spot “Fake news”

…..  The science is in on sifting crap from content


I’m only happy to discuss the great orange one by his title “Scrotus”. It’s not as rude as it sounds.

Scrotus doesn’t seem to have given us much so far . By him or about him seems to be mostly crap.  Enough to fill Werribee.

Scrotus has given us “Fake news”.  Not lies, but alternative versions of stuff that happened in an alternate reality.

How about that “real news”;   an accurate account of something that happened worth knowing about. Something you need to know as opposed to something you get distracted by when you should be doing something else.

Fake news is not real news. It might be fun, but not factual. Definitely not important. No meaningful impact on what you do or think next about something that matters. It’s educational value rates alongside reading a XXX Manga on a Japanese subway.  At best is passes time. Because we have so much of it spare these days.

Here are nine surefire ways to sort the crap from the content

  1. Its an “expose” in New Idea, TV week or any glossy mag focusing on Jennifer Aniston and her desire to have babies, the Kardashian’s or Leighton Hewitt’s 15th breakup from Bec
  2. It is an advert masquerading as a story about what happened in last night’s episode of…. Didn’t it hurt enough watching that reality crap in the first place ?
  3. Reality” appears in the title. It’s not. It’s a script which gets to air once it has a meltdown written into it.
  4. Celebrities views on something they know nothing about . They can act and trick us in movies whilst mostly looking sensational. Politicians are the opposite. I would rather a politician instead of Gwyneth backed up by Ashton working out my education policy
  5. Unnamed sources” or “friends close to said”…. Leighton Hewitt has chewed through 7824 close friends. They just keep dobbing him into New Idea.
  6. The source turns out to be the Twitter feed of “Barry from Bendigo” or “Shiner 487” whose opinion is as valid as a CSIRO expert with 30 years experience.
  7. “…. You won’t believe what happened next
  8. Celebrities hit the red carpet” …
  9.  “Ten surefire ways to…”

Nine is news.



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One thought on “ Nine surefire ways to spot “Fake news”

  1. you can have 2 totally different opinions on the one story. Eg. a protest about something. one reporter says over 1000 people turned up another reporter says very few of the expected 5,000 people actually turned up, only 700 showed Did either reporter count everyone ? Of course not. Maybe 850 turned up, so both are as "accurate" as the other. Are both accurate ? Maybe, but different spin, can make things sound very different. In politics you get left spin & right spin. Neither or both could be sort of accurate.

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