TAT gives travel professionals a chance to win a trip

TAT gives travel professionals a chance to win a trip

TAT gives travel professionals a chance to win a trip

TAT gives travel professionals a chance to win a trip to Amazing Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) Sydney has updated the content on its online training platform to help travel professionals increase their knowledge of Thailand’s well-known, and lesser-known destinations and activities. As an incentive for travel agents to increase their knowledge and become Thailand experts, on completion of the new training modules, they will be eligible to win a trip to experience Thailand first hand.

Based on consumer feedback, TAT has learnt that, while Australian visitors love the well-known destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui and Chiang Mai, they wish they had known more about what else there is to see and do in other parts of Thailand, when planning their visits.

We hope this training platform will give travel professionals the information and knowledge they need to plan the perfect holidays for their clients, and help create a unique and memorable experience in Thailand.

TAT encourages travel professionals to take part in the online workshop and share the knowledge with their clients. A series of online training modules has been developed to provide information on practical and important aspects of travel throughout Thailand. This includes answers to visitors’ FAQs such as the best time to travel, how to get around, things to see and do, where to get reliable and where to get up-to-date information. The two latest modules include information on Creative Tourism and Touring Beyond Thailand’s Big Cities. This is an opportunity for travel professionals to learn more about Thailand beyond the mainstream and encourage travellers to spend more time exploring the country.

The workshop, which can be found at http://www.thailandtraining.com.au/, covers Thailand’s more popular attractions as well as the lesser-known and untouched alternate destinations. Once registered, participants are able to download factsheets and go through the interactive multiple choice online tests. With an interactive leader board, you can even compete with your colleagues and agency rivals. Plus – the agents with the highest score will be eligible to win themselves a trip to Thailand!


About the Tourism Authority of Thailand

Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) is a Thai National Tourist Office responsible for promoting Thailand as a premier tourist destination.

The Sydney office is responsible for the regional area of Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific. We provide information and support to the public, as well as media, wholesalers, airlines, travel agents and other partners.


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Tourism Authority of Thailand

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Tel. (612) 9247 7549

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