Tramada Systems adopts Sabre technology

SabreLogo_RGBTramada Systems adopts Sabre technology to enhance travel management solutions portfolio

Sabre Corporation (NASDAQ: SABR), the leading technology provider to the global travel industry and travel management technology leader Tramada Systems have collaborated to integrate the Sabre Profiles customer data management solution into the tramada® front and mid office solution.

The recent integration of Sabre Profiles into the tramada® workflow provides unique access to 12,800 different ways to capture data. The platform synchronises profiles between tramada® and Sabre and is easily controlled as agents record air preferences, multiple email addresses, additional contact information and loyalty numbers, as well as policy and compliance notes.

“Sabre Profiles not only de-clutters the agent workflow but it also simplifies the process of storing and accessing targeted profile information so agents can present the most relevant options to travellers at the right time,” says Richard Morgan, Sabre’s director for the Southern Region Travel Network Asia Pacific.

“An agent can pull up their customers’ favourite hotel in Melbourne, the airline they prefer or even which seat they usually ask to sit in, creating a better experience for the customer. By collaborating with another industry leader, we have harnessed the power of collective innovation by enabling tramada® to adopt Sabre Profiles in order to maximise workflow efficiency,” says Richard.

Jo O’Brien, Tramada Systems CEO says, “As part of our leading booking automation strategy, the tramada® and Sabre Profile integration boosts consultant productivity gains even further by bringing the Sabre GDS and the tramada® engine closer together.”

“A consultant can access their client’s profiles to “start” a booking in Sabre removing the need to toggle between tramada® and Sabre. Every time a manual process is automated, agencies can enjoy greater consultant productivity and reduction of data entry errors”, says Jo.

About Tramada Systems

Tramada Systems is an industry leader in automation of the travel booking process realising better business performance for travel agencies of any size. Our solutions are proven to massively increase consultant productivity, efficiency and accuracy. We manage all financial transactions, client data and document production for an agency. We put that knowledge to work with targeted reporting and a fully integrated Business Intelligence system that puts control back in the hands of decision makers.



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