Amari Yangshuo topped off in picturesque Guilin

Amari Yangshuo topped off in picturesque Guilin

Amari Yangshuo topped off in picturesque Guilin

Amari Yangshuo topped off in picturesque Guilin – on track for an early 2017 opening

Amari Yangshuo, ONYX Hospitality Group’s first Amari hotel in China, was topped off recently. The construction and development of this 73-room property is progressing on schedule, with plans for opening in the first half of 2017.

As the ancient Chinese saying goes, “The landscape of Guilin is the most beautiful in the world, but the landscape of Yangshuo is the most beautiful in Guilin.”

Amari Yangshuo, calling this beautiful city home, stands right next to the popular West Street, one of the oldest streets in Guilin, Guangxi, with direct views of the waterfront, the iconic love bridge and karst peaks all round. This four-storey hotel combines local Oriental influences with Thai-style design and is developed by Shenzhen Yitian Group Co., Ltd. as part of the exciting Yitian West Street development. The hotel will be managed by ONYX Hospitality Group as an Amari property.

Amari is the centrepiece of the ONYX portfolio of hospitality brands, reflecting the warmth and energy of an evolving modern Asia. Proud of its Asian roots, Amari creates memorable experiences that embody the spirit of local culture, as well as enhance the renowned traditions of Asian hospitality. Every Amari property shares the flavours and textures of its setting. So, whether travelling for business or pleasure, guests will discover contemporary spaces alive with energy and facilities designed to be shared with family and friends. Amari has a current portfolio of 14 hotels across the Asia-Pacific region, with new hotels currently under development in locations such as Yunnan, Galle and Johor Bahru.

In addition to launching the first Amari in China, ONYX Hospitality Group is also proud to introduce Amaya Food Gallery, the hotel’s restaurant, will also make its debut in the country. An Amari brand concept inspired by the well-loved street food markets of Asia, the 360-square-metre Amaya Food Gallery is an all-day dining venue located within Amari Yangshuo. It is designed using rich colours and vibrant textures, presenting food choices from across Asia, with interactive open kitchens that will take guests on a journey of gourmet discovery.

Amari’s renowned Breeze Spa will also open in China for the first time within Amari Yangshuo. Developed with the belief that happiness is a key foundation for wellness, Breeze Spa will offer a fun, comfortable and approachable spa experience with mood-based treatments which combine Thai and Chinese therapeutic techniques.

Other hotel facilities will include FIT Centre, where guests can work out, Voyager Lounge, an area to hang out, and Café Louise, a café adjacent to the lobby entrance.

“At ONYX Hospitality Group, we are committed not just towards attracting more guests to our Thailand-based properties, but expanding our presence in other parts of the region,” said Tommy Lai, Vice President, North Asia, ONYX Hospitality Group. “We are excited to announce that our first Amari in China has just topped off, and is on track to open in the first half of 2017. Amari Yangshuo symbolises the strong Sino-Thai cooperation between Shenzhen Yitian and ONYX, and also a significant milestone for our expanding Amari brand.”

About ONYX 

ONYX Hospitality Group operates several diverse yet complementary brands –Amari, Shama and OZO – each catering to the distinctive requirements of today’s business and leisure travellers. ONYX reaches beyond its Thai roots to offer innovative management solutions across the Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf and Asia-Pacific regions.


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