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Upcoming CAPA Summit in Association with ACTE(Association of Corporate Travel Executives)

Upcoming CAPA Summit in Association with ACTE(Association of Corporate Travel Executives)

Understanding the state of the airline industry is of great significance to all sectors of the global tourism industry. Airlines transport close to 70% of the world’s international travellers to their destinations. Some parts of the world, especially island nations, are almost totally reliant on airlines as their tourism link with the rest of the world. In 2016 the airline industry is enjoying one of its best years ever.

The combination of low fuel prices and the increasing efficiencies in airline operation, marketing and management have resulted in the global airline industry enjoying record levels of profitability. In 2016 its is expected that global airlines will achieve profitability of close to US$40 billion despite the fact that on each sector their average yield is just under US$9, How do I know that ? The Centre for Aviation keeps close track on the performance of every airline in the world. Many tourism professionals are aware of the role of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organisation) the UN body which sets global standards for safety and maintenance for the global airline industry. Most will also be aware of IATA (International Air Transport Association) the airline membership association which is supported by 85% of the world’s airlines and which is the leading advocate for the global airline industry and a valuable source of airline intellgence.

However the Centre for Aviation (CAPA), formerly known as the Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation has emerged as the leading source of global airline intelligence. CAPA’s team of analysts keeps track of and disseminate airline trends, operational and financial performance. Its web site provides news briefs on airlines and reports of emerging trends in the airline industry. Members of CAPA receive regular updates of changes which impact on the industry. In recent years CAPA has run global airline summits in Australia, SE Asia, Europe and North America which attract many of the world leading figures in the airline industry and airports. In September 2016 CAPA will run its second summit in Iran, having pioneered the opening up of airline expertise in the Middle East.

For travel professionals seeking to hear the latest trends from airline and airport CEOs, CAPA summits are the place to come. Many of CAPA’s summits are now run in partnership with the Association of Corporate Travel Executives which enable travel professionals to be updated on trends which impact on all major sectors of the tourism industry. CAPA also works closely with the Flight Centre group to research the status of domestic and international air fares which apply to Australia.

The Centre for Aviation was established in Australia by Peter Harbison in 1990. Mr Harbison is widely respected as one of the world’s leading aviation analysts. He retains the role of Executive Chairman. Led by Managing Director Stephen Pearse and Chief Operating Office Derek Sabudin CAPA has expanded its role from being a centre of aviation expertise in the Asia Pacific region to positioning itself as the leading global authority on aviation.

Centre for Aviation

Centre for Aviation

Source = Dr David Beirman Ph.D

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