Potato Head Hong Kong launches the Music Room

Potato Head Hong Kong launches the Music Room

Potato Head Hong Kong launches the Music Room

Potato Head Hong Kong launches the Music Room

Designed with the city’s vinyl lovers and left-field dance music enthusiasts in mind, Potato Head Hong Kong’s new Music Room showcases state-of-the-art audio equipment and a carefully curated vinyl selection in a specifically designed, acoustically treated space.

Concealed within Potato Head Hong Kong, this unique, interactive facility features the finest imported equipment from the US, the UK and Japan, hand-picked with the help of Potato Head Hong Kong’s Music Director, Johnny Hiller.

Johnny, a German born DJ and producer who has worked closely with many of the world’s first generation of legendary DJs, moved to Hong Kong in 2012 where he co-founded Otaku Soundsystem. Working closely with PTT Family, Johnny oversaw the design and music content of the Music Room to ensure an optimal listening environment where the soundtrack could take centre stage.

The Music Room’s Bespoke Audio Features Include: 

  • Top of the range ‘JBL Pro Blue series’ loudspeakers
  • High-end Macintosh tube pre amps and amplifiers
  • Custom-made rotary mixers from Japan
  • Vintage Klipsch ‘Horn’ speakers
  • Two industry standard Technics 1200 turntables

Supporting the resurgence of vinyl culture and appreciation, The Music Room houses over 8000 records, sourced over a 30-year span by Music Director Johnny Hiller. Along with monthly updates and additions by some of the world’s top vinyl dealers, these form the basis of a growing in-house Potato Head collection.

Regular classic LP events are already in progress, including a monthly Ethiopian Jazz night on 7-inch format only. Balearic disco, reggae and ethnic/world music selections are in the constant mix, which fits in with the venue’s laidback ambience.

Through the Music Room, Potato Head Hong Kong hopes to inspire different generations of music enthusiasts through its eclectic offerings and add to Hong Kong’s cultural mix by going deeper into the subject matter through curated events, listening sessions and private events.


Source = Potato Head Hong Kong
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