RIO 2016: Reasons why you should take the next flight to Brazil


RIO 2016: Reasons why you should take the next flight to Brazil

RIO 2016: Reasons why you should take the next flight to Brazil

With the Opening Ceremonies of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro approaching on Friday, August 5th, the athletes are making their way to the ‘Marvelous City’. Fans from every country in the world are heading to Brazil as well. It’s a huge party to celebrate and promote peace and diversity through sports, and a great opportunity to explore Rio de Janeiro, its beaches, culture, and lifestyle.

The United States will bring to Rio one of its biggest Olympics delegations in years, with 555 members that will represent Team America in 27 sports (40 disciplines). They will participate in 244 of the 306 medal events, and certainly will make their fellow Americans proud.

Audiences from around the world will be watching daily the sporting events that will take place in Brazil, but only visitors to Rio de Janeiro will be able to experience the atmosphere of the Games in its totality, with thousand of cultural events, Olympic Houses, and the energy of fans from all over the world.

For those of you who haven’t planned in advance, there are still tickets available for many events. Check out for availability, and book the next flight!

Below you will find some of the reasons you should not miss this opportunity:

  • Historical Event. For the first time in history the Olympics will take place in South America. It has major significance for the continent and the Olympic movement. The games will take place in one of the most spectacular sceneries in the world, surrounded by hospitable people, and amazing culture and cuisine. Rio de Janeiro has been transformed to host the games, and it is even more attractive to visitors, with new public spaces, museums, hotels, and a transportation system that facilitates travel.
  • The Party. It is already clear that Brazil, and particularly Rio de Janeiro, knows better than anyone how to organize a great party. With several events in recent years, such as the 2007 Pan American, 2013 Confederations Cup, and the 2014 World Cup, and without forgetting that every year Rio host the famous carnival event that receives millions of revelers, Brazil has proved to be a master organizer. Add to that the Brazilian cheerful and relaxed lifestyle, and this makes this Olympics an unforgettable experience.
  • Cultural Effervescence. In addition to the Olympic Games, Rio de Janeiro will have a marathon of cultural events in the city, with hundreds of concerts, exhibitions, and street performances. The Olympic Boulevard, located in the newly renovated city center, the Porto Maravilha, will be the center of celebrations organized by the city during the games. The Boulevard is one of three “live sites” during the Olympics and it will have three stages with live shows, large screens that will broadcast sporting events, and over 230 performances.
  • Olympics International Houses. More than 30 countries have confirmed locations for their official residences during the games. There will be hospitality houses all over the city and in the main beach districts. About half of them will be open to the public, while entry to some country houses will be restricted to athletes and invited guests only. Brazil’s house will be located in the city center, in Praça Maua, where Rio’s Olympic entertainment zone will be located. Here’s the complete list of the international houses, with address and attractions.
  • Brazil Experience. Although mostly concentrated in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympics are all over the country. Tourists that go to Rio or any city hosting Olympic football games (Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Manaus, Salvador or São Paulo), should take the opportunity to also visit other regions in the country, and experience Brazil’s cultural and gastronomic diversity and the beauty of this great country.
  • Visa Waiver. It is worth reminding that Americans do not need visas to enter the country. Just buy your tickets and board the plane! The visa exemption is also valid for citizens of Canada, Japan and Australia. The visa waiver period goes from June 1st to September 18th. Visitors do not need to have tickets for any Olympic event to take advantage of the visa waiver program.

About Brazil Tourism

With its spectacular beaches, lush rainforests, rich culture, exotic cuisine and exciting nightlife, Brazil is one of the most compellingcountries to visit today.  Travelers are invited to explore Brazil’s incredible geographical diversity – from the wetlands to the beaches. With a beautiful, tropical climate, Brazil is an easily accessible, exotic get-away for couples, families and business travelers.


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