Palm Beach County unveils new ad campaign


Palm Beach County unveils new ad campaign

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County ( entices cultural tourists to “See the Arts through a Different Lens” in a striking new marketing campaign featuring well-known celebrities, actors, musicians, dancers and artists.  The performers wear “Palm Beach Aqua” sunglasses to illustrate the dynamic cultural offerings available to visitors in The Palm Beaches, whose plentiful arts landscape has earned it the title of Florida’s Cultural Capital®. The Cultural Council’s campaign will showcase Palm Beach County’s world-class attractions in print, digital and virtual reality advertising, plus pop-up events in key markets.


Among the notables highlighted by The Cultural Council to tell the story are Ben Vereen, Belinda Carlisle, John O’Hurley, Israel Horovitz, Kenny G, Michael Feinstein, Nicole Henry, Tony Danza, Judy Gold, Charles McGill, Vanilla Ice, Emily Brooke, Daniel Ulbricht, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Cassandra Trenary and Anthony Laciura, with more to be announced in the coming months. Celebrities will be donning the aqua sunglasses and explaining the importance of supporting the arts, in digital ads and videos as well as on social media.

“We are creating a new movement in promoting our arts and cultural offerings with this ad campaign,” commented Marilyn Bauer, director of marketing and government affairs at the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County. “Art and culture are at the heart of why people are looking to travel. Today’s travelers have shifted their spending habits from things to experiences. They want to embrace the cultural experiences that The Palm Beaches have to offer.”

The strategic campaign utilizes print, digital and social media advertising as well as virtual reality, events, newsletters and more. The campaign’s dedicated website,, invites users to share their story using the hashtag #ShadesOfCulture. The Council has launched, making it easy for visitors to plan culturally-focused trips to The Palm Beaches with the destination’s new Cultural Concierge.

The Cultural Council of Palm Beach County is tapping into the driving force behind why visitors are looking to travel — unique cultural experiences. At a time when many destinations and organizations across the country are struggling to fund the arts, the Cultural Council is charting new territory, with more than 200 arts and culture organizations that facilitate more than 42,000 cultural experiences a year.

Source = Palm Beach County
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