Scenic Space-Ships refurbished for 2016 river cruising season

Scenic Diamond finished (4)Scenic guests travelling on board Scenic Sapphire, Diamond, Ruby and Pearl this year will enjoy refurbished ships that will bring them up to the same spec as Scenic’s next-generation Space-Ships – Scenic Jasper, Opal and the recently launched Scenic Amber.

Each Space-Ship will feature new reception areas with more space, marble fittings and new staircases and artwork. Plus the air-conditioning, ceilings, exhaust systems and sound insulation have also been updated.Scenic Diamond finished (1)

This is stage one of the refit with stage two taking place at the end of the river cruising season, which will see the all bathrooms be refitted.

Aleisha Fittler, GM Journey Design commented: “Scenic prides itself on providing the most luxurious cruising experiences on the rivers of Europe so we have invested in the refurbishment of some of our older ships to bring them up to the Scenic standard guests expect from us. Guests will be able to enjoy all these enhancements for the 2016 cruising season.”

This refit comes ahead of some additional and exciting on board enhancements that will launch for the 2017 river cruising season.

Source = Scenic
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