Top five underrated travel destinations


Top five underrated travel destinations

Ever get bored of hearing all your friends recount their travels to the most cliché tourist destinations? Wished that you could travel somewhere totally unconventional and experience your own unique adventures? Well, fret not! ZUJI Singaporehas hand-picked five underrated holiday destinations that will guarantee you lasting memories of a vacation you’ll never forget.

1.       Colombo, Sri Lanka

Located in the south region of Sri Lanka, bustling capital Colombo is labelled as Sri Lanka’s ‘Ocean City’ and is well-known for its spectacular golden beaches that stretch for miles along the west coastline. Explore the likes of Galle Face Green, Hikkaduwa, Nigambo Beach and more, where the glistening clear waters by the sand are perfect for activities such as water sports, shipwreck exploration, discovering large lagoons and bays with captivating habitats of marine life, swimming and sun bathing all year round.

2.       Lombok, Indonesia

Although often overshadowed by its superstar neighbour across the Lombok Strait, Bali, this island is the go-to place for travellers who want a different experience. Trek up one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia, Mount Rinjani, where the views from the peak are simply breath-taking and not to be missed.  Along the route, you will also see some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Indonesia (Ganga, Tiu Kelep & Sendang Gile). Other amazing hotspots include the Pusuk Monkey Forest, restaurants filled with authentic Indonesian cuisine and traditional markets.

3.       Li Jiang, China

If you’re a fan of ancient history, culture and marvellous natural & man-made architecture, then Li Jiang is the place for you! One of the must-visit attractions would be the Jade Dragon Snow Mountains – a series of mountains that serve as the best place for high-altitude scenic walks on the southern and western sides of Li Jiang. Close by are Lashi Lake, Black Dragon Pool, Tiger Leaping Gorg, and Yufeng Temple to explore for the added culture hit. Make sure to feed your soul with these breath-taking sites while you’re there.

4.       Fiji

This underrated island paradise screams “VACATION!” and is an archipelago of over 300 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. Priding itself for its glorious beaches and glistening crystal-clear waters, Fiji is the epitome of picturesque natural beauty. Nearby islands like Yasawa, Vomo, Castaway, Malolo, Tokoriki and Wakaya aren’t just for swimming and sunbathing, though. Go ahead and snorkel, scuba dive and kayak among gorgeous coral reefs, or sit back and have a drink at one of the beach bars. With resort spas for ultimate relaxation, the list of activities goes on.

5.       Bagan, Myanmar

Also known as the “Bagan Archaeological Zone”, this temple town in central Myanmar is full of interesting mind-blowing attractions. Architectural wonders fill this city – Ananda Pahto, Nan Paya, Sulamani Pahto, Payathonzu, and Gubyaukgyiamongst others, with visits to each guaranteed to leave you intrigued by the amount of beauty that Myanmar preserves within Bagan itself. Hop onto a hot air balloon to get the best seat in the house to witness the breath-view of Bagan. Talk about a great photo opportunity, as well as a perfect moment, that will be forever etched to your mind.

Source = ZUJI Singapore
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