Travel Counsellors record high rates of job satisfaction

Travel Counsellors Australia

Travel Counsellors Australia

Travel Counsellors record high rates of job satisfaction

Following a nation-wide staff survey, Travel Counsellors has recorded extraordinarily high levels of job satisfaction among their team of home-based agents. While job satisfaction rates traditionally tend to be low in retail travel agency roles, Travel Counsellors is bucking the trend by offering viable, sustainable employment options for experienced agents keen to work from home on their own travel business.

When asked the question: “What do you love most about being a Travel Counsellor?”, the agents responded with  a wide variety of answers, with having the ability to sell a wide range of high quality travel products to clients being a common significant factor boosting job satisfaction for Travel Counsellors.

Apart from having the freedom to sell whatever travel products best suit their clients, other key contributors to job satisfaction include having access to superior technology, receiving high levels of support, having the potential to earn more and having the flexibility to work from home, avoid commuting and foster a greater amount of work/life balance.

What some of our agents had to say:

Although I am new to Travel Counsellors, I already love the support I receive from head office and the other Travel Counsellors. I also love that I can work from home. On a 40 degree day I was able to jump in the pool to cool off in my lunch break! How many companies afford you that luxury? – Donna of Shell Cove, NSW

I love being a TC because it gives me the perfect balance between my family and work life. I love being my own boss, working my own hours and being able to attend everything my kids have on. Its doesn’t even feel like work! – Nadine of Palmyra, WA

I love being a Travel Counsellors because of the camaraderie. I feel blessed to have found an amazing company to work with and to have found so many great friends! – Heidi of Khancoban, NSW

I love being a Travel Counsellor because I can sit in my favourite cafe, create amazing holidays and provide amazing customer service yet still somehow make more money than I ever did when I worked in an agency! – Andrew of Whittlesea, VIC

I love being a TC as I have total freedom to develop my business my way.   – Suzanne of Belivah, QLD

I love being a TC because for once in my life I am in control of my career.  What I put in is what I get out. Love it. – Sharon of Mawson Lakes, SA

I love being a TC as I love the flexible work and being able to balance my home and work life. – Michaela of Stirling, ACT

I am really enjoying being part of a travel organisation that loves to help people. I love that we are customer-focused and not expected to churn out quotes, but instead provide a valuable service that so many people need. – Dehlia Taylor of Frenchs Forest, NSW

But Travel Counsellors agents aren’t the only ones who are happy. With an incredibly high Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 96%, Travel Counsellors is officially the world’s leading travel company when it comes to customer satisfaction and loyalty.


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