Australia and New Zealand to welcome Ecuadorian Tall Ship

Ecuadorian Tall Ship

Ecuadorian Tall Ship

Australia and New Zealand to welcome Ecuadorian Tall Ship

After seven months at sea, the Ecuadorian Navy Training Ship ‘The Guayas’ will arrive on Australian shores. The Guayas embarked from the Ecuadorian port of Guayaquil on 12 May 2015, and is set to arrive in Perth on the 21st of December. The ship will be visiting the Australian and New Zealand ports of Perth, Sydney and Wellington in December and January as part of its “Vuelta al Mundo / Round the World 2015-2016” tour.

The Guayas, affectionately known as Ecuador’s ambassador ship, seeks to strengthen relations between Ecuador and visited nations whilst promoting Ecuadorian tourism. The ship is also important for the training and academic development of Ecuadorian Navy personnel. The ship displays the Ecuadorian national flag and a banner with the Ecuadorian tourism slogan ‘All You Need Is Ecuador.’

Guayas will arrive and depart each port at 9:00am local time. She will be open for inspection for all to visit her.

Following her departure from Wellington, Guayas will continue on to the ports of Valparaiso, Chile and Callao, Peru, before returning home to Guayaquil on the 1st March 2016.

About the BAE Guayas 

The Guayas was built in Bilbao by the Astilleros Celaya in 1976. It was named in honour of the Guayaquil naval tradition. More specifically, the ‘Guayas’ carries the same name as the legendary Chief Guayas, the Guayas River and the original Buque Guayas, which was the first steam ship to be constructed in South America. It is this ship and the Guayas River that appear on Ecuador’s coat of arms.

The Navy training vessel has been active since 1976 and has a crew of 175 sailors and trainees. In 2010, it voyaged to the west coast of North America, stopping at the ports of Acapulco, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco to commemorate the 200 year anniversary of Latin American Independence. This tour however, is the longest tour the ship has undertaken. It will visit 23 ports in 22 countries in 294 days. It will navigate across four oceans and traverse 35,000 nautical miles. In total, the Guayas will be on tour for ten months. 80 midshipmen will complete their navigation course to become officers of the Ecuadorian Navy.


Source = Ecuador Tourism
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