Day 3 Sicily shines as SeaDream makes its next port of call


Day 3 Sicily shines as SeaDream makes its next port of call

Day three on the SeaDream 1 Mediterranean adventure saw the yacht anchor in Taormina, Sicily, with Mount Etna sitting idle in the background.

The day kicked off with some mild exercise, with some guests partaking in a nautical mile walk around the yachts top deck. Other guests enjoyed the yoga and tai chi classes as well.

Once again swimming off the back of the yacht was available before lunch, and the scenery was quite grand this time with the hills of Sicily quite clearly seen in the distance.

There were some Yachting Land Adventures available for guests, including an ascent of the mountain and also a tour of some of the notorious Godfather scene locations.

Lunch was served on the top deck and a short sun shower didn’t faze the staff as they reacted ever so quickly to ensure no water disrupted the guests lunches.

After lunch the staff set up the water sports again and many guests enjoyed jet skiing and windsurfing as the wind was quite strong.

In the early afternoon some well renowned local Sicilian wine makers came aboard to treat 30 guests to a wine tasting session, all participants walked away with a better knowledge of Italian wine and a rather happy sensation.


At 5pm as the sun started its descent, the Top of the Yacht Bar was in full swing, with bartenders Marko and Gabor serving a variety of delicious cocktails for guests to enjoy.

A SeaDream fashion show was held before dinner, with some of the staff showing off some of the luxury clothing items that are purchasable on the yacht.

Once more dinner was served in the Dining Salon, with the nights feature dish being the lobster, but other than that there were many more options, making it hard for some guests to decide.

A fitting screening of The Godfather was after dinner in the Main Salon, with warm popcorn accompanying the movie, it was a nice way to end a lovely day in Sicily, next stop, Crotone!


Source = ETB Travel News - Lewis Wiseman
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