Positano provides picturesque backdrop for day 2 on board SeaDream


Guests on board SeaDream 1 awoke on their second day of cruising to what would be one of the best backdrops in the Mediterranean.

The coastal town of Positano along the well-known Amalfi Coast provided stunning picturesque views spanning for kilometres.

After eating breakfast and enjoying the view, passengers had the opportunity to go ashore on the SeaDream tender and explore the traditional town.image2

Positano is known for its shopping and good local food, however it is also known for its steep hills, which made guests earn their lunch!

Back on-board, or rather not on-board, guests were able to swim in the Mediterranean off the back of the mega yacht.

Lunch was available on the top of the yacht, and it was quite busy as everyone was getting as much energy as they could for the afternoon of activities.

Water sports galore was on offer in the afternoon, SeaDream provided jet skis, paddle boards, kayaks, water-skiing, wakeboarding and even banana boat riding.

Providing hours of fun and thrills, the water sports were enjoyed by nearly all on the yacht, and it gave guests a great story to take home; “I jet skied along the Amalfi Coast”.

image1Later in the afternoon some guests played a round of golf at the infamous St Andrews golf course, and others played Pebble Beach. All of which was done on the yachts complex golf simulator.

At 4pm the yacht set sail for its next port of Taormina, Sicily, and to celebrate there was a limoncello sailaway party, made from local lemons.

Before dinner the yachts captain, Bjame Smorawski, made a speech where he thanked everyone for sailing with SeaDream and wished them a great time.


A Confluence Dinner was served in the Dining Salon, which consisted of a meal from all seven chefs’ different countries of origin.

After dinner cocktails were poured for guests at the Top of the Yacht bar and a Dancing Under the Stars event was held for those brave enough to boogy.

For more information contact:

Julie Denovan

Director of Business Development Australia

(02) 9958 4444


or www.seadream.com

Source = ETB Travel News: Lewis Wiseman
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