Qantas flights to Noumea


Qantas flights to Noumea

Take a flight to New Caledonia, where the Pacific meets France. The thriving, indigenous Kanak culture and the influence of French colonial history on the language, food and lifestyle of Nouvelle Caledonie have created a cultural melange that’s both beautiful and unique. While Noumea has a delicious Riviera-style vibe and authentic croissants, the further you travel from the capital the more you’ll experience the indigenous way of life.

Surrounded by the largest enclosed lagoon in the world, and with the balmy weather of tropical Melanesia, there is a diverse landscape to explore across the three main islands – from a myriad of tiny atolls and coral islands fringed by white sandy beaches to the beguiling grasses of the savannah, lush stands of vertical pines and botanical riches of the wet maquis and rugged mountain chains.



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